Year 2012
Run Time 180min

The Guerrilla Film Challenge is a two-day international film event. This past May filmmakers across the planet created over 150 films in the same 48 Hour period. Representing over 35 countries the GFC Films are in dozens of genres including the classics such as Sci-Fi, Western, Film Noir, Action, Comedy and Romance... as well as some more "off the wall" ones like Time Travel, Sock Puppet, Buddy Cop and more.

Please join us for our annual "Best of the Best" Screening as we present a selection of short films that were all written, shot and edited in just 48 Hours.

Immediately following the screening we will be presenting the awards for Best Director, Best Comedy, Best Drama, People's Choice, and our Grand Prize Best Film will receive $5,000 for their film.

It's anyone's game. The team with a million dollars worth of professional equipment can easily lose to a team of high school kids with a borrowed camera. Originality and creativity are what count. You will be amazed at the high quality of what these artists have created. As GFC judge and Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson has said "The talent level was extraordinary... I was really impressed!"

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