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ZZANGG!!! and David Schmader Present: ROAD HOUSE!!

ZZANGG!!! and David Schmader Present: ROAD HOUSE Sunday 11/28, 7:00 @Ritz Advance tickets available here

Come see the 200-fisted, tough-guy-with-a-heart-of-gold epic that capped off the brawling ‘80s action era! The late, great King Swayze stars as world’s greatest bouncer Dalton, a man that’s just as at home when cracking a man’s skull as when he’s doing tai chi in front of a glassy lake.

Though seemingly unflappable, Dalton is pushed over the max when an evil town patriarch (Ben Gazzara) brings the hammer down on every true-hearted citizen. Sam Elliott, TOP GUN’s Kelly Lynch and X bassist John Doe co-star in this explosion of punching, pugilism and good old-fashioned fisticuffs! All in a movie actually made by a dude named “Rowdy”!! The only major studio release to feature the following line of dialogue between two men during a fight: “I used to f**k guys like you in prison.”

For this very special 35mm screening, we’ll be joined by Seattle cinema expert David Schmader, the man who opened the world’s eyes to the wonders of SHOWGIRLS! ZZANG!!!

Get your tickets for this great show now.

You can also see David Schamder present Purple Rain on Monday 12/29 and do his infamous SHOWGIRLS commentary on 12/8.


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