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ZELLNEROIDS! - The Zellner Bros Short Film Cavalcade!

With David and T-Bone Zellner Live in Person!zellner

On Monday, April 12, the Zellner Brothers are going to host a once-in-a-lifetime event.  Screening the best of their short films from the past ten years, the very prolific male siblings will be fileting our brains with the "bizarro" "comedy" that they are so "well known" for.

From the heart-wrenching man/gibbon makeout scenes of FIDDLESTIXX to the adorable pups of FOXY AND THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD to the sharky peril of FLOTSAM/JETSAM...animals and humans alike will be wham-jammed to marvelization with the sheer visual thunder and aural lightning of these unstoppable creatorial juggernauts, who are often collectively referred to as "the Idi Amin of the Austin film universe."

And it's not just us who are crazy about the antics of these filmmakers.  Kim Jones of the Austin Chronicle calls the Zellner's shorts "ridiculously funny" in an article/interview for the paper this past week!

Never seen any of the nightmarish wonderlands that these geniuses have created?  Try this on:


Get your tickets now for this exciting event, or taste the saltiness of failure when your eyeballs burst with sheer regret.

Monday, April 12, 7pm @Ritz

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