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Zack VS. SXSW pt. 1

So far, I'm losing the battle.

Tim League and I spent the first couple days of SXSW at another festival altogether: The Texas Fear Fest in Dallas. Not quite sated with the sweat-inducing horror barrage I endured there, I made it home to my first SXSW experience at the midnight screening of SHUTTLE, a relentless claustrophobic thriller that largely takes place on a madman-helmed airport transport vehicle. This was the directorial debut from Edward Anderson, who manages to pull off some genuine shocks and get a very strong performance from big-time Hollywood Irish character actor Tony Curran. By the time I got home, I was overdestroyed from the weekend and ended up sleeping through several films I should've been at.

But rather than wallow in misery over all the movies I wish I had seen, I'm just gonna get watching as soon as stuff gets caught up here at HQ. At that point, expect massive waves of emotional ranting from all of us.

Still, I can't believe I missed Neil Patrick Harris unbuckling his belt at the HAROLD AND KUMAR screening...Goddamn.

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