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You’ve got questions. We’re serving up answers.

There is, to put it mildly, a lot of excitement about the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. There are also many questions. So we tackled a few of them.

You’ve got questions. We’re serving up answers.


Q: When do you open?
A: Alamo Drafthouse Kalamazoo has a staff training weekend -- a.k.a. a "soft opening" -- Nov. 15, 16 and 17. The Grand Opening day is Nov. 18 and the ribbon-cutting event is Nov. 19.

Q: Explain the rules.
A: Think of them as the Three Ts: No talking, no texting, no tardiness. Our theaters are "no-talking zones." If you are talking, a manager will give you a warning; if you continue to talk, you will be asked to leave the theater without a refund. The same goes for texting and cell phone use: When the movie comes on, your phone should remain dark, silent and out of sight until the lights come up. We encourage everyone to arrive 30 minutes before the movie is scheduled to start so that you will have time to look over the menu and place your order before the show begins, all while enjoying our custom made pre-shows with no advertisements.

Q:  Lay out the various categories of films (i.e. Drafthouse Films, Sing-Alongs, etc) and the corresponding prices. Will there regularly be $2 films?
A: The $2 tickets are only in effect for the staff training weekend and the Grand Opening week shows of our older titles.
As for the categories of films, we have Drafthouse Films, which are contemporary and vintage titles that are handled by our Drafthouse distribution arm; Badass Digest Presents, which are classic films endorsed by the editors of Badass Digest; Sing-Alongs, which are interactive presentations that range from our Totally '80s Sing-Along and Sing-Alongs built around artists like Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson to movies you can sing along with, such as GREASE (we've already had requests from Kalamazoo for GREASE 2, XANADU and THE APPLE -- we'll see what the Action Pack team can do!); Dance-Alongs, in which we provide space for you to move your feet to the beat of FOOTLOOSE or a similar-dance-heavy film; and Quote-Alongs, interactive presentations featuring props that are handed out as you enter the theater, in which you can recite key lines from the film along with the characters (the first of these to show in Kalamazoo will be PULP FICTION and next month's schedule includes a NATIONAL LAMPOON'S CHRISTMAS VACATION QUOTE-ALONG).
There are also special events, such as the upcoming HOME ALONG PIZZA PARTY and various movie-themed feasts such as the The Hobbit feast.
Ticket prices for these events vary depending on the time of the show and the amount of extras (props, food, special guest appearances, etc.), but the Drafthouse Films titles and Badass Digest Presents series will usually be priced the same as our regular movies, while the Quote-Alongs, Sing-Alongs and Dance-Alongs are usually a couple of dollars more than the standard ticket price.
After the first of the year, we will begin incorporating more specialized programming into the movie mix as we get feedback from the audiences and suggestions from customers.

Q: Will you be showing independent, art-house and foreign films?
A: As often as we can. Although not every movie is available for our market, we are going to try our hardest to program films that have typically eluded local screens.

Q: Will you update your Facebook for upcoming events and special guests' appearances? Or will you have a newsletter people can signup for?
A: We will be updating Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis. If you sign up for our completely free Victory loyalty program at the website you will automatically begin receiving our weekly newsletter, which is packed with details on what's playing, what's coming soon and what kinds of promotions are in the works.


Q: What do you offer for families?
A: Our Friday and Saturday morning Kids' Camp features a different movie every week and tickets are completely free for kids and adults. Seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Check the website for showtimes. The tentative Kids Camp schedule includes: 
     Nov. 30 and Dec. 1: CHICKEN RUN
     Dec. 7 and 8: THE ADVENTURES OF TIN TIN
     Dec. 21 and 22: HUGO
     Dec. 28 and 29: KUNG FU PANDA 2
Moviegoers under the age of 18 are also welcome to attend other films, as long as they are accompanied by parents or adult guardians who sit with them. Children and young people under 18 will not be admitted without an adult.

Q: My wife and I are too busy to take the kids to the movies. Can we drop them off at Alamo for a few hours?
A: Sorry, no. Alamo welcomes families, but the theater will not admit anyone under the age of 18 who is not accompanied by a parent or adult guardian who sits with them throughout the film. This helps ensure that younger viewers follow our policies and that we don't run into situations in which kids order food they can't pay for or try to sneak into movies their parents would not want them to see.


Q: Can we get tickets on line in advance? Is there a charge for buying tickets online? When you order tickets online do you still pick them up at box office?
A: Tickets are on sale now at for the staff training weekend, the Grand Opening week and the first weekend shows of THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE. There is a $1 per ticket service charge for ordering online. When you arrive at the theater, you can pick up your tickets at the concierge station, located in the lobby.

Q: Explain the assigned seating process. What if you do not want to be the poor guy stuck too close to the screen?
A: Thankfully, our theaters were designed so that even people in the front row will still have good seats. But the best way to get the seats you want is to buy your tickets early online. When you visit the website, you'll select a film, a date and a showtime. Once you do, you'll be asked how many tickets you are purchasing. From there, you'll be taken to a virtual layout of the theater that will show you which seats are still available. Click on the seats you want to hold them. You will then have a few minutes to complete your purchase. Bring your confirmation email or the card you used to make your purchase to the box office.

Q: How can I buy a student ticket? If you order tickets online, how do you get the student discount?
A: Student tickets are $5.50 and are only sold by our box office concierges. Bring your valid student ID to the box office to receive the discount. Because we need to check IDs, we don't sell student tickets online.


Q: What are prices for the food items?
A: Most of the menu items are between $7 and $14. We will be displaying the menu online once all the prices are finalized.

Q: What is the ordering procedure? Are the servers going to be talking to me during the movie? How can they tell where I'm sitting? What if I need a drink refill or decide I want to get food after the movie starts?
A: As soon as you take your seat, you will find a menu underneath the table and order cards in front of you. Servers will drop by during the pre-show presentation to introduce themselves and help you with your order. Generally, you  place your order before the movie starts by filling out an order card and slipping it into the rail in front of your seat. Each seat is numbered, which is how the servers find you (this is why we have reserved seating). Although the servers drop off food and drinks during the film, they don't stop to talk to you or sell you extra items. The service is both quick and quiet. If you get hungry or thirsty midway through the movie -- hey, who can make it through three hours of "The Hobbit" without a snack or two? -- you can raise another card to call a server over. Approximately forty minutes before the movie ends, the checks are dropped off, but you don't have to start rummaging around for your wallet or purse: You can pay when the movie is over.

Q: Will you have other "adult" beverages for non-beer drinkers?
A: Indeed. There are also cocktails available (we sometimes design special cocktails for particular shows, such as the Secretary's Little Helper for our upcoming screening of 9 TO 5), as well as adult milkshakes. Try the Mexican Chocolate Shake: muy bueno!

Q: Can we just order popcorn, pop and candy without having to order a meal? Do we get this before entering the theater or do we have to order it once were inside?
A: There is no obligation to order a meal. You can order popcorn, soft drinks, candy or whatever else you like at your seat. Alamo Drafthouse does not have a typical concession stand.

Q: Can I hang out for a beer, or do I have to see a movie?
A: We have a lounge area where you can enjoy a drink whenever the theater is open. 


Q: What is the parking situation like? Do you validate?
A: Yes, we offer four hours of validated parking in the ramps adjacent to the theater. Bring your parking ticket with you to the box office and ask your concierge for validation information.


Q: For "classic" and older films do you generally screen actual prints or are you projecting digital versions?
A: All of the Alamo Drafthouse Kalamazoo presentations are digital. We do not have 35mm projection at this time, but we are looking into that as a possibility in the future.

Q: Are you going to have support for HFR and Dolby Atmos now/in the future?
A: In our press release last week, we announced: "Auditoriums will have the highest quality Sony 4k digital projection, equipped for both high-frame-rate and RealD 3D presentations. State-of-the-art digital audio systems provide full range multi-channel fidelity for faithful reproduction of audio soundtracks." We will check on the Dolby Atmos capability.

Q: Will you be having closed-caption capabilities?
A: We will. Closed-caption technology and descriptive systems for those with impaired sight will be installed in the theater and should go into use early next year.


Q: When will you be screening a BATMAN & ROBIN Quote-Along?
A: Doesn't that fall under the category of cruel and unusual punishment? If you are really interested, we could look into that... 


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