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Your boarding call for the Belefonte: THE LIFE AQUATIC Dinner comes to Ritz next Wednesday

Come LIVE the Life Aquatic with a screening of Wes Anderson's off-beat classic paired with a classic fish 'n' chips supper. Plus, your very own Team Zissou-issue red knit cap that you can have for keeps. 

Your boarding call for the Belefonte: THE LIFE AQUATIC Dinner comes to Ritz next Wednesday

Once internationally famous and respected, oceanographer Steve Zissou is at something of a crossroads in his life: his best friend and longtime partner was killed by a mythical shark while filming their latest adventure; he ex-wife/co-producer (Anjelica Houston) wants nothing to do with him; funding has dried up for his newest feature; and a young airline pilot (Owen Wilson) has just showed up - and he thinks Steve might be his dad. Actually, turns out, Steve's life is in more of a crisis than at a crossroads. Under these circumstances, Zissou and his trusted team of intrepid (misfit) explorers -- along with a very tenacious, very pregnant journalist (Cate Blanchett) and a brave bond company stooge (Bud Cort) -- embark on a quest aboard the Belefonte to track down the elusive shark.

A sweet sendup to the bygone era of naturalist heroes like Jacques Costeau, as well as an absurd and surprisingly touching study in human imperfection, THE LIFE AQUATIC is possibly one of director Wes Anderson's most ambitious offerings. Of course, it's also loaded with his signature off-beat charm and boasts a killer soundtrack. There is really nothing not to love about this movie. For this special screening we're offering you the chance to LIVE the life aquatic just like a member of the ragtag Belefonte crew with fish and chips and your very own Team Zissou- issue red knit cap (sorry, speedos and correspondence stock not included).

THE LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU Fish 'n' Chips Dinner - Weds, March 7 at Ritz  BUY TICKETS


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