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Your Guide to Fantastic Arcade

Amid a flurry of activity as an Arcade rises in the lobby of Alamo Drafthouse Lakeline- a schedule of unforgettable tournaments and talks with the brightest in independent videogames has formed!

Your Guide to Fantastic Arcade

September 19th:

End of Line/Retro Game Crunch Commentary 12:00
Developer Rusty Moyher takes us into the mad experiment that is the Retro Game Crunch, while attendees check out one of its fruits- the pixel-art puzzler End of Line.

Banner Saga: Chapter One Commentary 1:00
Local favorites Stoic Studio take us through the Epic (I only use this word when actually appropriate) campaign mode of what Kotaku called "One of the most beautiful videogames [we’ve] ever seen”- while we play along on the laptops in the theater.

Zak Ayles/Cutthroat EP Commentary 2:00
Youngblood wunderkind Zak Ayles will take us on a musical journey while we check out his new 2-in-1 creation Cutthroat: EP

The Stanley Parable Commentary 3:00
Developer Davey Wreden will be in house to take us through a meta-recursive demonstration of his wry lampoon of game tropes, The Stanley Parable. Also, be sure to sign up for the day’s tournaments. If you can press a button or lift a buttcheek you've got a chance to win on this day.

Pistol Cat Tournament 4:00
Ben Esposito’s ridiculous 4-player Pistol Cat will be our first tournament of the day. Blast the other tiny kittens away with your absurdly large handgun while bouncing off the walls from the kickback. 

Spelunky Daily Challenge Day 1 5:00
The first in our three day Spelunky Daily Challenges begins, and we just so happen to have a handful of the best players in the world in town. Do not miss this, even if you have no idea what I am talking about.

Poocuzzi Tournament 6:00
I’m inclined to let this one be a surprise, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that this game is played with the exclusive Buttpad Pro controller. Come crap in a virtual hottub and win fabulous prizes from GameOver Games.


September 20th:

Crypt of the NecroDancer Commentary 1:00
A rhythm-roguelike where a dreary dungeon becomes a disco that spins your own tunes, Ted Martins and the NecroDancer team will take us through a trip making this odd and wonderful gem of hypnotic gameplay.

Starwhal: Just the Tip Commentary 2:00
Jason Nuyens will be in the theater to show off one of the surprise multiplayer favorites of the fest, and get us ready for the night’s tournament with some floppy narwhal tips (ahem).

Q.E.D. Commentary 3:00
Stephen Ascher will take responsibility for creating arguably the weirdest game of the festival, and we will explain to him how we love him for it.

Sony: We <3 Devs 4:00
Our partners in crime at Sony Playstation will talk about the amazing surge of indie-love we’ve seen from them over the last year, and about how you can get your game on the platform.

Spelunky Daily Challenge Day 2 5:00
Day 2 of Spelunky madness as we enjoy the Arcade Mixer satellite bar courtesy of Sony Playstation.

Starwhal: Just the Tip 6:00
Starwhal tournament is open to all, get skewered by a flying neon narwhal in a psychedelic trapper-keeper nightmare dimension.


September 21st:

Poocuzzi Free Play 11:00

Gone Home and Environmental Storytelling 12:00pm

Steve Gaynor of The Fullbright Company and Randy Smith of Tiger Style discuss the art of environmental storytelling with an emphasis on this year's indie hit, Gone Home. Live podcast in full effect!

Choosatron Deluxe Adventure Matrix Commentary 1:00
Jerry Belich tells us about this lil’ charmer: a ticker tape printing choose your own adventure console that’s smaller than a toaster. We’ll also be treated to some Fantastic Arcade inspired adventures with audience volunteer players.

Wasteland Kings Commentary 2:00
Fantastic Arcade champions Vlambeer return once again with what is unarguably their greatest creation, the apocalyptic Wasteland Kings.

Panoramical Commentary 3:00
Fernando Ramallo will show us the beautiful musical terraformer, and if we’re lucky we will skype in co-creator David Kanaga, who will hopefully take us back down the metaphysical wormhole that we witnessed at his panel talk last year.

Fjords Commentary 4:00
Kyle Reimergartin will take us on a trip to science mountain, with his creation Fjords, a little treasurebox of mysteries in a minimalist platformer package.

Spelunky Daily Challenge Day 3 5:00
THE FINAL SPELUNKY DAILY CHALLENGE. Remember every day at 5 the Mixer satellite bar will be in the theater with refreshments at hand, courtesy of Sony.

Towerfall Tournament 6:00
Four player archery deathmatch at 6 o’clock is a good way to round out the day’s events.

September 22nd:

Hohokum Demo 12:00

VideoHeroeS/ MirrorMoon EP Commentary 1:00
Italian Devs Santa Ragione have TWO games in the festival this year- the stylish mystical space puzzler MirrorMoon EP, and a game near and dear to our hearts, our closing tournament- the 1990’s video store clerk simulator: VideoHeroeS. Get prepared here.

Choosatron Dramatic Readings 2:30

No Brakes Valet creator Justin Smith and host Wiley Wiggins perform dramatic readings of transcripts of real play sessions straight from the little ticker-tape heart of the Choosatron Deluxe Adventure Matrix. 

Samurai Gunn Commentary 3:00
Developer Beau Blyth will prep us for what may be the most eagerly awaited tournament of the festival- for the newest and baddest version of the game that we exclusively peeped at last year, Bushido Brawler Samurai Gunn.

Samurai Gunn Tournament 4:00
I promise you you will not want to miss this tournament. The last two standing will basically be actual samurai after you see what we make them do, and they will legally be allowed to ride around whacking peasants with swords as they see fit.

VideoHeroeS Tournament 5:00
THE MEGA EVENT OF THE SUMMER. The winner of this event will be buried in a sarcophagus of moldy old Jerry Maguire VHS boxes. We’ve assembled an elite cadre of nerds of a different stripe to attempt to play this incredibly difficult VHS store clerk simulator: Actual VHS-collecting ex video store clerks that many of you already know and love. 

Fantastic Arcade Awards 6:00
Last year people took their clothes off and an astronaut who lives in a castle gave away a working crossbow. I have no idea what will happen this year, but I am not responsible for any loss of life or limb. We’ll start out by crowning the winners of our 48 hour gamemaking frenzy competition, and then we will recognize our 8 spotlight games and then both the Audience Choice award and the coveted Most Fantastic Award.

"YOU GUYS LIKE TEQUILA?" The Fantastic Arcade After Party 8:00pm- 2:00am
MORE GODDAMN CRAZY GAMES. UK indie game roughhousers The Wild Rumpus and Devolver Digital are throwing us an insane rager at Empire Control Room.

Free for Fantastic Fest badgeholders and Fantastic Arcade guests (w wristband), $10 at the door for regular joes
Brought to you by The Wild Rumpus & Devolver Digital
Sponsored by Gamestick

=========THE GAMES==========

  • Super Piñata Pro - Edd Parris
MagnetizeMe - Copenhagen Game Collective
Smesport - Michael Brough

  • GO NUTS!!! : Vine edition - Glitchnap
(and maybe more...)

Tweet your festival vines with the #fantasticarcade hashtag!

=========THE MUSIC==========


All times subject to change in the event of disaster and misadventure, stay up to date by checking the Fantastic Fest events page, and be sure to follow @fantasticarcade on twitter!




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