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The Cinema Club Goes to Italy

Cinema Club Presents DIVORCE, ITALIAN STYLE with UT Professor Paola Bonifazio.

The Cinema Club Goes to Italy

Cinema Club Presents DIVORCE, ITALIAN STYLE Sunday 10/3, 6:40 @Ritz

Alamo's Cinema Club, the series that brings film historians to the Alamo for a night of classic film discussion, is proud to invite Dr. Paola Bonifazio to present the magnificent farce DIVORCE, ITALIAN STYLE.

This is the Cinema Club's first encounter with foreign cinema, and we couldn't be happier to start with this hilarious black comedy from Italy. Pietro Germi’s DIVORCE, ITALIAN STYLE is one of Europe's best satires and one of the key films in cinema history. Starring International mega-star/playboy Marcello Mastroianni (LA DOLCE VITA, LA NOTTE, 8½) and devilishly enchanting ingénue Stefania Sandrelli, DIVORCE, ITALIAN STYLE is an excellent farce played to perfection and written with a heavy and dry wit that is distinctly Italian, yet resonates with American audiences.

Upon its release in 1961, the film helped to spearhead a movement in Italy that stepped away from the social melodramas and political "neorealist" films of the post-war period, bringing back a somewhat darker and subtler take on the rich, ages-old tradition of Italian comedy. The film was also widely popular in the US, earning an Academy Award for Best Screenplay and spawning an Americanization called DIVORCE, AMERICAN STYLE and starring Dick Van Dyke and Debbie Reynolds.

Come Sunday to learn more about this hilarious and perfectly made Italian masterpiece with our marvelous host, Dr. Paola Bonifazio.


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