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You asked for it, we got it: Film Noir spectacular with Eddie Muller

Cinema Club Presents: Two nights of film noir with film writer/noir expert Eddie Muller Sunday July 11: THE PROWLER Monday July 12: CRY DANGER

The Cinema Club, Alamo's premier venue for film discussion and appreciation, has brought some great films and greater guests to the theatre in the past few months: NINOTCHKA with host Charles Ramirez Berg; BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN with Thomas Schatz; and NIGHT NURSE with Kim Morgan. In July, the Cinema Club continues its project of bringing nearly-forgotten classics to the big screen for past-due celebrations with a two day festival of film noir.

Eddie Muller, who is known in certain circles as the "Czar of Noir," stands alone as the foremost expert on the genre. For those unfamiliar with the charismatic and erudite writer, Muller is the author of Dark City: The Lost World of Film Noir, Dark City Dames: The Wicked Women of Film Noir, The Art Of Noir: The Posters & Graphics From The Classical Era Of Film Noir, and Tab Hunter Confidential. He is also a frequent DVD commentator, working on dozens of film noir DVDs including I WAKE UP SCREAMING, FALLEN ANGEL, THEY LIVE BY NIGHT, and ROAD HOUSE. Founder and president of the Film Noir Foundation, Muller is firmly at the top of the film noir revival movement.

Here, Muller describes the genre in his typically-entertaining and informative way:

The Cinema Club is very excited to bring Eddie Muller to Austin and to present two of his favorite films: THE PROWLER and CRY DANGER. These rarely seen films (neither of which are on DVD) are gems of the genre. Muller calls THE PROWLER an "unusually frank and psychologically complex film" and "one of the most pungent and perverse of all American films noir." CRY DANGER, on the other hand, is a "crackerjack crime film - short, smart, sassy, and full of surprises."

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