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YARRRR! The Action Pack’s Third Annual PIRATE PARTY

The Action Pack presents THE THIRD ANNUAL PIRATE PARTY Dress as a Pirate! Dance Party on a Boat on Lady Bird Lake! $60 ticket price includes your piratey adult beverages! Advance tickets available right here

In year one we took over Lake Travis with a treasure hunt on an island, an attack from a firework-shooting speedboat, a parrot pinata filled with drink tickets, and a DJ dance party that got everyone moving so fast that a few pirates lost their lunch off the side of the top of the boat (sorry, people on the bottom of the boat!).

Last year’s pirate party moved the action to Lady Bird Lake and featured sea shanty terrorizing of the bat watchers on Congress Avenue, hanging treasure chests filled with more drink tickets, a mutiny that forced me to jump off the boat at sword point, a kayaker who tied on to our boat and stole alcohol from our pirate bartenders, and ultimately a reverler who left the drum circle he’d been part of on the pedestrian bridge and jumped down onto our boat. The night did NOT end well for the pedestrian bridge jumper, but after the paramedics made sure he was okay the rest of us went on to Treasure Island and got into more trouble.

This year we’re taking over Lady Bird Lake again, but we’re NOT GOING TO LET PEOPLE JUMP FROM THE BRIDGE. If we see anyone tempted, we’re going to suddenly all punch up at the same time and knock them off into the water. What else will happen? We can’t tell you that. All we can say is that this is the best fucking dance party of the fall. We’ll be taking over a boat on Lady Bird Lake, and if you want on not only will you have to buy tickets, but you’ll have to show up dressed like a pirate. Any non-pirates who show up will be DENIED ENTRY TO OUR BOAT NO MATTER WHAT.

Featuring more sea shanties from me, Captain Mazza, and the dance party mastery of the Dread DJ Roberts. And definitely not to be missed. (Henri Mazza)


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