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To paraphrase those great philosphers, AC/DC... WOCKA OUT WITH YOUR MUPPET OUT tomorrow when THE MUPPETS opens at South Lamar!


There's a reason why THE MUPPETS is currently sitting at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes with 44 reviews: It's absolutely darling. 

It's been twelve years since we've last seen Jim Henson's lovable little rascals on the big screen and the team behind the widely successful FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL (in which some Muppets had a small cameo) are responsible for making this happen. In THE MUPPETS, Kermit and company have all disbanded and gone their separate ways. After hearing a wealthy oilman named Tex Richman (Chris Cooper) has plans to destroy the famous Muppet Theater for drilling purposes, Walter, the worlds biggest Muppet fan (who's technically a Muppet himself), his brother Gary (Jason Segel) and Mary (Amy Adams) track down and rally up Kermit and the rest of the gang to raise $10 million by holding the The Greatest Muppet Telethon Ever. We're promised most of the beloved Muppets will return and there will be some surprise cameos, as well. 

One of the greatest things about the Muppets is the songs. When discussing her enthusiasm towards one of the most popular songs in THE MUPPETS, Betsy Sharkey from the Los Angeles Times writes, "by the time Gary [Jason Segel] and Walter get to a showstopping number that asks the burning question - "Am I a man, or a Muppet?" - you are completely hooked."

It's always a brave move when a movie gets self-aware and breaks the fourth wall. On THE MUPPETS poking fun at itself Justin Chang of Variety adds, "Effortlessly blending wised-up, self-reflexive humor with old-fashioned let's-put-on-a-show pizzazz, THE MUPPETS is an unexpected treat."

One of the biggest concerns was how a movie star, Jason Segel, claiming to be a big Muppet fan, was going to treat this lovable franchise created by the late, great Jim Henson. Twitch's Managing Editor Scott Weinberg said it best: "[Director James] Bobin, [co-writer, star Jason] Segel, [co-writer Nicolas] Stoller and company have pulled off a true coup in the realm of popular culture. They've resurrected a beloved menagerie by, get this, focusing on what made the Muppets so adorable in the first place: personality, kindness, and a sly sense of humor that tickles the kids while satisfying the grown-ups.

Nostalgia at its most charming, folks.

THE MUPPETS opens Wednesday, November 23rd, at South Lamar and Lake Creek - get tickets HERE!

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