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Winners in the UP sneak preview at Village 4/18

Yo. We coulda filled the theater 10 times over. Sorry to disappoint so many, but here are the ticket winners for UP! Molly Waguespack Benson: 4 tix Adam Brook: 2 tix Blake Ethridge: 2 tix Megan Hagins: 2 tix George Hickman: 3 tix Chris Holland: 2 tix Eugene Hsu: 1 tix Chris Hyams: 4 tix Pete Jentzen: 4 tix Peggy Kemp: 2 tix Daniel Kerr: 2 tix Kathleen Kerr: 1 tix Chris Lenfest: 3 tix Melinda McCoy: 4 tix Briana Mills: 5 tix Daniel Ramirez: 4 tix Danny Roth: 1 tix Javi Trujillo: 4 tix Please arrive early as it will be very full. We will have a standby line going to fill all the seats, and there are still tickets being given away via Ain't It Cool News.

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