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Winners anounced to the advance screening of FRIDAY THE 13TH with Jason Voorhees Live


BIG NEWS!  Since we posted this list, multiple winners have let us know they won't be able to make it.  Rather than add names at the last minute, their tickets will be available first come, first served.  If you didn't win tickets, show up early for your chance in!

You know that scene in MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET where the bring in bag after bag into the courtroom filled with letters to Santa...well, that's kinda what it's been like here at the Alamo this last week.  But instead of innocent letters to old St. Nick asking for toys, it's been huge throngs of emails, each filled with a sinister lust for teenage blood and a desire to witness the reinvention of horror icon Jason Voorhees in the new FRIDAY THE 13TH movie...with Jason himself (Derek Mears) live in the theater!

Each email that was sent in with CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE 4EVER in the subject line was entered into a drawing to win a pair of tickets to the advance screening of the new FRIDAY THE 13TH at Alamo South Lamar on Thursday, 2/12, with Jason live in person.  Here's the lucky winners in alphabetical order...

Anderson, Lyrae
Angelo, Michael
Archip, Dana
Arp, Ian
Avenell, Randy
Bartley, Ben
Becker, Jason
Beeman, Ryan
Bullock, Benjamin
Cacy, John
Carnegie, Sean
Chincarini, Daniel
Couch, Andy
Couturiaux, Wade
Crane, Charles
De La Rosa, Emit
DeLeon, JC
DePasqual, Victor
Dunn, Jeremy
Edwards, Drew
Eitel, Mike
Elmore, Flavia
Eskew, Josh
Estrada, John
Fehlhafer, Rod
Feigh, Scott
Fredrickson, John
Fuller, Chris
Fury, Scarlett
Galinsky, Alan
Gallagher, Orion
Gandersman, Paul
Glassberg, Brett
Greer, Jim
Hagins, Megan
Hailey, Ryan
Harkrider, Ashley
Heim, Richard
Heller, Anne
Hibbert, Reb
Highland, Linda
Huffman, Jason
Hugo, Carlos
Huss, Stephen
Janisse, Stephen
Janowski, Peter
Jeffress, Jamie
Johnson, Josh
Jozwick, Anthony
Kennedy, Heather Leah
Keyland, Chris
Ladusky, Chris
Lane, Brent
Langford, Scott
Leipziger, Brett
Luke, Robert
McCutchen, Mike
McLaughlin, Hilarie
McVay, Carl
Miller, Gary
Miller, Jon Jr
Mullen, Luke
Muniz, Mike
Nixon, Brian
Orta, Jaime
Patel, Sharad
Patton, Suzanne
Pena, Chepo
Prikryl, Ian
Puente, Reynaldo
Reese, Dshanya
Reyes, Abram
Reyes, Stephanie
Romanko, Katie
Ruff, Sara
Salisbury, Brian
Saucedo, Amy
Schmid, Richard
Scott, Meghan
Self, Jim
Smith, Matthew
Smith, Taylor
Speetzen, Tamara
Stewart, Jordan
Strong, David
Svehlak, Dustin
Talbott, Blake
Tidmore, Travis
Timmis, Heather
Tomlinson, Mick
Trujillo, Javier
Wallace, Jara
Wheeler, Kenny
Wiseman, Mike
Woodcock, Gary
Wymore, Randy
Wymore, William
Yager, Jeremy

Each of these winners will have their name at will call at the Alamo South Lamar box office on Thursday, but that alone does not guarantee them a seat! Winners must claim their tickets no later than 6:30pm, or we'll start handing them out to the die-hard fans in the stand-by line who just didn't have luck on their side this go around.

There's ALWAYS a sizeable percentage of people with their name on the will call list  that don't show up. If you want to see the show, we highly recommend the stand-by line as a worthwhile investment of time.  Just sayin'.

FRIDAY THE 13TH opens on Friday, February 13th at the Alamo Village.

Big thanks to AICN and Warner Bros for making this event possible.

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