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Winners announced for tickets to premiere of HBO’s “Bored to Death”!

bored-to-death-blogSorry this post is coming in a little late, but the response to the contest for free tickets to a premiere screening of the new HBO series BORED TO DEATH was overwhelming!  The show, which stars Jason Schwartzman, Zach Galifianakis & Ted Danson has been getting a lot of buzz leading up to the series premiere at the end of the month, but we get a chance to check it out in advance for free thanks to the good people over at the Home Box Office.

Each of the names listed below have 2 tickets to the show.  Your name will be at Will Call the night of the show, 9/17, but please be sure to show up at least half an hour early.  We expect a healthy stand-by line, and if you haven't claimed your tickets by 6:30p, we're going to open it up!  Speaking of the stand-by line, if you entered to win tickets but didn't, you're not out of luck.  There are still a few seats available + there are always a bunch of winners who just don't show- don't know why, maybe they just like entering contests, but the point is, there are always seats that open up at the last minute.

Alright, and the winners are...

Alleman, Monica
Alberts, William H.
Anandi, Adi
Banks, Paul
Barrett, Shannon
Beasley, Steph
Bell, Walter
Benford, Trish
Booth, Jenny
Brown, Julie
Campbell, Kelly
Campbell. Cassandra
Cash, Sarah
Ceresia, Phoebe
Chisholm, Mary
Citron, Rachel
Coff, Rachel
Couch, Andrea
Crissman, Anthony
Curtis, Maren
Delp, Mark
Downing, Dustin
Eitel, Mike
England, Cassie
Farkash, Frank
Flores, David
Fonseca, Miacael
Fredrick, Matthew
Gaile, Bryan
Gandersman, Paul
Garza, Yolanda
Gibson, Hannah
Goodrich, Jon
Graham, Sarah
Hall, Jordan
Hansen, Carolyn
Harkins, Lecia
Henry, Matthew
Hernandez, Diana N.
Hoffman, Allison
Howell, Charlotte
Huettner, Stephanie
Humphrey, Dawn
Iseman, Mia
Janus, Jack
Johnson, Sven
Jones, Bridget
Kemp, Allison
Kennedy, Heather
Khosropour, Shirin
Koch, Tiffany
Kuykendall, Deanna L.
Langeway, Joe
Loury, Daniel
Mahar, Crystal
McGee, Brenna
McMillian, Dustin
Mills, Austin
Mills, Joshua
Needles, Tamara B.
Nelson, Chris
Newton, Lizzy
Ogden, Amanda
Oliver, Lynett
Osborn, Sarah
Paulson, Susan Rae
Podd, Darron
Pozderac, Max
Quinn, Meghan
Rebello, Kasey
Reed, Robbie
Reese, Dshanya
Rice, Sarah
Rodriguez, Ernesto
Ross, Tim
Russell, Sean
Schroeder, Chad
Sick, Jason
Skowron, David
Smith, John W.
Straat, Anna
Sullivan, Shannon
Svehla, Andrew
Tallent, Charles
Thompson, Jaime
Torres, Francisco
Trentham, Tim
Vermillion, Nina
Vida, Tony
Wagner, Erik
Waltrip, Matt
Weber, Yuval
Wheeler, Robb
Wilhite, Maggie
Willians, Molly
Wood, Jessica
Wyatt-Baxter, Krystal
Zern, Rachel

Again, each name on this list is good for two tickets.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in, you obviously know how good this show is going to be!

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