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Winners announced for the AMERICAN TEEN sneak preview and the VIP Brunch with the cast!

Ticket holders have been finalized in the American Teen Sneak Preview giveaway. We'll be screening the acclaimed documentary American Teen with the entire cast in attendance for a Q&A following the film.

The screening is tonight (Thursday, July 10) at 7:00 PM at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar on .

The winner list for the screening tonight at 7PM is as follows:

Aidan, Chris: 2 tickets
Alice Geaccone: 1 ticket
Amy Averett: 1 ticket
Anne Webb: 1 ticket
Archip, Dana: 2 tickets
Ariel Kay: 1 ticket
Bailey, Robin: 2 tickets
Benavides, Christopher: 3 tickets
Best, Adam: 1 ticket
Bobby Witt: 1 ticket
Brooksbank, Molly: 7 tickets
Brown, Jen: 1 ticket
Bush, Stephen: 2 tickets
Charles Heidrick: 1 tickets
Charles, Adam: 2 tickets
Choi, Bryan: 1 ticket
Chynna Cowher: 1 ticket
Coates, Dustin: 2 tickets
Cohen, Jeremy: 3 tickets
Cook, Shannon: 2 tickets
Culp, Austin: 2 tickets
Daisy Lanier: 1 ticket
Darrah, Natalie: 1 ticket
Davis, Harrison: 1 ticket
Decan, Stephanie: 1 ticket
Dennison, Andrea: 1 ticket
Dennison, Andrea: 1 ticket
DePasqual, Victor: 2 tickets
Dobberstein, Laura: 1 ticket
Domangue, Michael: 1 ticket
Durrani, Zareen Shad: 1 ticket
Eggleston, Dan: 2 ticket
Elrod, Krisy: 2 tickets
Fuller, Chris: 2 tickets
Gandersman, Paul: 2 tickets
Giesberg, David: 1 ticket
Giles, Chris: 1 ticket
Glover, Emily: 1 ticket
Gordon-Bouzard, Zane: 2 tickets
Hauf, Jillian: 2 tickets
Heim, Richard: 2 tickets
Hekman, Scott: 2 tickets
Henney, Chris: 1 ticket
Hickman, George: 1 ticket
Hogberg, Jonathan: 2 tickets
Horky, Whitney: 2 tickets
Hsu, Eugene: 1 ticket
Hughes, Michael: 2 tickets
Jackson, Benjamin: 1 ticket
Jackson, Mark: 1 ticket
Jarnigan, Stephanie: 2 tickets
Jarnigan, Stephanie: 3 tickets
Jimenez, Alexandra: 1 ticket
Joe Maloney: 1 ticket
Johnson, Josh: 1 ticket
Josh Brackmann: 1 ticket
Juan Alonzo: 1 ticket
Kathy Burrell: 1 ticket
Klein, Jamie: 1 ticket
Knaus, Paul: 2 tickets
Kuchera, Holly: 1 ticket
Layla Fry: 1 ticket
Leary, Meghan: 2 tickets
Lennon, Michael: 2 tickets
MacKenzie Wayne: 1 ticket
Mahone, Willita: 1 ticket
Marques, Valeria: 1 ticket
Matt Whitman: 1 ticket
McDougle, Dalyn: 2 tickets
McKay, Jake: 2 tickets
Mercado, Lupe: 2 tickets
Meyer, Josh: 2 tickets
Meyers, Jill: 1 ticket
Moats, Jarrette: 1 ticket
Moore, Brent: 2 tickets
Moore, Lloyd: 1 ticket
Morales, Roman: 2 tickets
Morgan, Kristoffer: 2 tickets
Natalie Edwards: 1 tickets
Naylor, Matt: 2 tickets
Nina Barker: 1 ticket
Nystul, Mike: 1 ticket
Olmos, Rick: 1 ticket
Panaszek, Kathy: 2 tickets
Pena, Chepo: 2 tickets
Perdue, Lauren: 1 ticket
Phillips, Bryan: 2 tickets
Phillips, Trey: 1 ticket
Pirani, Hussain: 2 tickets
Pound, James: 2 tickets
Prendergast, Vincent: 2 tickets
Price, Jack: 1 ticket
Pritts, Megan: 2 tickets
Pyles, Adam: 2 tickets
Ramirez, Charlie: 2 tickets
Rand, Joseph: 1 ticket
Rene Ruiz: 1 ticket
Rigdon, Daniel: 2 tickets
Rios, Legna: 1 ticket
Rob Jacques: 1 ticket
Robert Franco: 2 tickets
Romanko, Brian: 1 ticket
Salazar, Antonio: 3 tickets
Salcedo, Jackie: 2 tickets
Sarah Stone: 1 ticket
Schumacher, CJ: 1 ticket
Setaro, Megan: 2 ticket
Seth Winick: 1 ticket
Shayla Geaccone: 1 ticket
Sinead O'Carroll: 1 ticket
Smith, John: 2 tickets
Smith, Kester: 1 ticket
Smith, Shadrach: 2 tickets
Somers, Holly: 1 ticket
Stephenson, Christine: 1 ticket
Stewart, Jordan: 1 ticket
Tarr, Daniel: 2 tickets
Thomas, Erin: 1 ticket
Tim Eubanks: 1 ticket
Tommy Watson: 1 ticket
Torres, Laura: 2 tickets
Upham, Britton: 2 tickets
Van Amburgh, Gabe: 2 tickets
Van Ast, Amanda: 2 tickets
Wadgymar, Susana: 2 tickets
Wehmeier, Gregg: 2 tickets
Wilson, Greg: 2 tickets
Wilson, Patrick: 2 tickets
Wood, Zack: 1 ticket
Yeager, Harrison: 2 tickets

We will likely also have a few standby seats available for this event. If you are not on the list above, please come to the Alamo South Lamar by 6:30 and we will try to fit you in.

A select group of attendees won a pass to the AMERICAN TEEN VIP brunch tomorrow- Friday, July 11. We'll meet at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar at 10:00 AM and board a school bus along with the 5 cast members and head over to an Austin high school to enjoy a "nouveau school cafeteria" brunch prepared by Alamo executive chef John Bullington!

The winners of the VIP brunch (who won by writing about their best moment of teen trauma) get to bring one guest to the VIP Brunch, their pass is good for two seats! And the winners are:

Charles, Adam
Culp, Austin
Hauf, Jillian
Meyer, Josh
Perdue, Lauren
Price, Jack
Smith, Kester
Tarr, Daniel
Wilson, Patrick

Congrats to everyone! This film was a hit at Sundance and it's going to be a hit tonight. See you there!

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