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Winners announced for free BOLT screening, but there’s more seats available!

The emails flooded in from our Fantastic Fest friends, and the great randomizer has spoken. Below is a list of the winners, but there's still another chance to get a seat to the free advance screening of Disney's BOLT this Saturday at Alamo South Lamar. Go to the Alamo Kids' Club Facebook Page to find out how!

Attention folks on the list below: the show starts at 3pm, Saturday, November 15, and we anticipate a large number of sad-eyed children in the stand-by line, so show up early! At 2:30pm, if you still haven't claimed your ticket, your seat will be for grabs! And if you're not on the list, keep that in mind, because getting a seat might be as easy as showing up.

Alright, the list:

Charles, Adam +1
Chiullan, Moises +1
De Los Santos, Celeste +1
DePasqual, Victor +1
Durant, Stacy +1
Eitel, Mike +1
Hazlewood, Ashley +1
Henney, Chris +1
Hickman, George +1
Howell, Cheri
Hsu, Eugene
Jeffress, Jamie
Keller, Isabelle +1
Kromer, Kayla +1
Leveille, Shauna
Lyles, Brent +1
McKay, Jake +1
McLaughlin, Hilarie
Mosley, Melissa +1
Mullen, Luke
Newman, Jillian +1
Nulf, Jenny +1
Ortega, Tanya +1
Paddock, Rod +1
Payne, James +1
Puente, Fabian +1
Salisbury, Brian +1
Satterwhite, Brian +1
Saucedo, Alyssa +1
Scahill, Andy +1
Schexnaider, Caty +1
Shisler, Kristy +1
Smith, John +1
Smith, Matt +1
Tange, Darren +1
Taylor, Kent +1
Tucker, Andy +1
Wadgymar, Susana +1
Wages, John +1
Wilson, Gavin +1
Zafros, Stephen +1

There's still half a theater to fill up, so if you want to see the film before it even comes out in theaters- for free!- go to the Alamo Kids' Club Facebook Page! And, even if you don't get in there, we always have a large number of no-shows and late-comers, so the stand-by line is always a great option.

BOLT opens at the Alamo South Lamar on November 21.

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