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Win free movies for a year by getting people to STFU!


shut-up-fool-bloglIn a perfect world, talking during a movie would be an act punishable by death. Until our society reaches that level of intelligence and sophistication, people occasionally need a little reminder to keep their damn traps shut.

The Alamo Drafthouse has a long-standing tradition of running celebrity Don't Talk bumpers before each show, where familiar faces from George Romero to Danny Devito to Elvira warn people against talking during the film. But there's a whole great big world of celebrities out there: musicians, actors, filmmakers, YouTube sensations, serial killers...and 90% of them will be in Austin during SXSW 2010!

That's where YOU come in. Want to win TWO YEAR-LONG PASSES to all regular Alamo shows? Well, we're looking for the best, funniest, most celebritiest Don't Talk you can nab at SXSW! Ted Danson threatening bodily harm to movie-going yakkers? Lady Gaga brutally insulting theater-bound loudmouths? Gary Coleman ripping the socially inconsiderate a new one? HELL YES!

- All you need to so is get a celebrity (or celebrities) to say something funny about not talking during a movie. It's not mandatory, but ideally the Alamo will be mentioned and the Don't Talk comment will end with the celebrity threatening talkers in some sort of way

- Then, edit together a final video that's between 30 and 60 seconds and ends with the typical twist on the Don't Talk language on screen:

Turn off your cell phones and don't talk during the movie or ____ will (do something akin to taking your ass out)

Is there a loud table near you? Raise an order card to alert your server, and a manager will take care of the problem.

- Throw those videos in an envelope marked "DON'T TALK!" and turn 'em in at the Alamo South Lamar by the end of March in either Blu-Ray, DVD or AVI data file formats along with your contact info. We'll pick our favorite during the first week of April, announce on the Alamo website and run the Don't Talk bumper for eternity on our glorious screens. The top winner will get the Alamo passes, but many of the videos will also enjoy a bit of screen time before movies this year.

For some extra inspiration, check out this montage of some of our favorite celebrity Don't Talks:

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