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William Friedkin’s New Finger Lickin’ Good Feature Film KILLER JOE opens this Friday at South Lamar!

William Friedkin's KILLER JOE opens Friday, August 10th at South Lamar!

William Friedkin’s New Finger Lickin’ Good Feature Film KILLER JOE opens this Friday at South Lamar!

William Friedkin's latest feature film, KILLER JOE, opens this Friday, August 10th, at South Lamar!

After a six-year absence from the big screen, William Friedkin (THE EXORCIST, THE FRENCH CONNECTION) returns with KILLER JOE. Adapted from Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Tracy Letts' play of the same name, KILLER JOE marks Friedkin's second screen collaboration with Letts. In 2006, the pair worked together to bring Letts' play, BUG, to filmgoers everywhere. As the story goes, Friedkin attended a stage production of BUG and was so overwhelmed by the performance that he immediately telephoned Letts to begin talks of a screen adaptation. Now, Friedkin and Letts are back at it again with KILLER JOE.

KILLER JOE is a dark comedy of the best laid plans of mice and men gone horribly, murderously awry. Chris Smith (Emile Hirsch), a Texan drug dealer, finds himself in debt to the wrong people and unable to pay. After several warnings, public beatings, and sincere threats against his life, Chris surreptitiously concludes that the only way to pay off his considerable debt is to hire a professional killer, the titular urban cowboy, Killer Joe Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), to murder his mother in order to collect the money from her life insurance policy. When Chris learns that Killer Joe will only accept cash -- in advance -- for a job well done, he finds himself in yet another bind. The plan almost falls apart. In the nick of time, Killer Joe makes Chris a generous, but lascivious offer -- he'll take Chris' sister, Dottie (Juno Temple), as a retainer until the insurance money disburses. What follows is a high stakes downward spiral that shows what happens when a cold-blooded Killer doesn't get paid on time. You don't want to mess with this Texan.

Be advised: KILLER JOE features a stomach-churning penultimate scene that duly earns its NC-17 rating. This scene will be sure to have audiences talking for weeks and months afterward about who survived it.

Here's what top film critics nationwide are currently saying about KILLER JOE:

"'Killer Joe' is one hell of a movie. It left me speechless." - Roger Ebert, CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

"As a sadistic dallas cop who moonlights as a hit man, Matthew McConaughey is on fire in Killer Joe, fierce and ferociously funny." - Peter Travers, ROLLING STONE

"Friedkin make no attempt to soften the characters' monstrousness, and thank hell for that. This is rave and rage and purge acting." - David Edelstein, NEW YORK MAGAZINE


Don't miss KILLER JOE when it opens this Friday, August 10th, at our South Lamar location! Come for Friedkin, come for McConaughey, come for the southern fried chicken that you won't find anywhere else in the Austin area! (Sam Prime)


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