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Why is Wednesday night’s screening of WELCOME HOME BROTHER CHARLES an essential ticket?

Tomorrow night we will be welcoming in a guest we have long admired: Jamaa Fanaka, who has made some of the most serious minded yet funny blaxploitation classics as EMMA MAE (aka BLACK SISTERS REVENGE), WELCOME HOME BROTHER CHARLES, and the PENITENTIARY movies (of which all three are very different in tone and essential).

We will be showing WELCOME HOME BROTHER CHARLES at 9:45 for our regular admission price of $8/$6.50 (students/seniors/AFS). This movie is about an unjustly imprisoned black man who hits the streets after a long stretch in jail and goes after his attempted castrators. His weapon: his fourteen foot long penis. You heard me. We have a lot of questions to ask Jamaa about this movie and we hope you'll join us. Find out more and buy tickets here.

The second half of the double feature is PENITENTIARY: which has some of the best dialogue of any movie ever. And is as entertaining as any prison film. And with characters named Half Dead, Seldom Seen and Too Sweet you know it's good. Both of these films get my tip-toppermost recommendation. And if you miss either one you are a fool my friend - A FOOL!

If you are a Weird Wednesday fan, please buy a ticket to WELCOME HOME BROTHER CHARLES and make it a subversive blaxploitation double feature with PENITENTIARY at midnight. Because if you don't, I'll have to listen to your sorry ass moan about how you missed it, and I just don't want to hear about it.

Oh, you'll probably want to stock up on MR. GOODBAR before you see PENITENTIARY. You'll find out why soon enough.

Buy your ticket to WELCOME HOME here. If you'd like to reserve a seat for PENITENTIARY click here. We expect the remaining Weird Wednesday and Terror Thursday screenings to be in great demand so please plan to be at the theater early. Of course if you see WELCOME HOME BROTHER CHARLES you'll be there already.

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