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Why BIG FAN will be one of the best movies this year.


There are a lot of movies in this world.

In fact, there are so many new films being made at any given time that it's rare that one rises to the top half a year before its release and captures the attention and interest of everyone here at the Alamo.

Rarer still is the idea that this movie could dazzle the critics, people paid to watch thousands of movies a year. People who must inevitably build up a resistance to entertainment. For these battle-hardened viewing warriors, few films break through, impress and evoke genuine emotion.

By all accounts, BIG FAN (opening at Alamo Ritz on Sept 25) is going to be one of those films. This is the directorial debut of Robert Siegel, who wrote last year's THE WRESTLER. That alone was enough to grab us by the face, but the fact that BIG FAN stars our favorite man Patton Oswalt in a neck-breakingly dramatic dark comedy role was enough to sell us on the spot.

We haven't seen BIG FAN yet, but those that have are beyond impressed. From the New York Times review to the coverage on eFilmCritic, even the most respectable adults agree that this is one for the record books.

So, whether you're a fan of high drama or low comedy, it's a pretty safe bet that the best experience you'll have in a darkened room this year will be with Patton Oswalt.

Opens Sept 25 at the Alamo Ritz

BIG FAN hi def trailer HERE.

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