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When life gives you wheelchair, make lemonade.

For those of you that actually get work done at the office as opposed to trolling the web for funny cat videos and celebrity sex videos, you might have missed The All-Mighty Oprah’s™ search for the next TV star.  Normally, we forgo watching Oprah’s wildly fluctuating weight loss/gain in favor of Maury reruns, but our ears perked up when we heard that local Austinite, and friend of the Alamo Zach Anner was racking up the votes with his hysterical audition tape.  We’ve been following Zach since his days of submitting videos to Open Screen Night and as part of the sketch comedy show “That’s Awesome”.  He is truly a funny dude and we are really pulling for him to get a chance to host his own show.

For a while it seemed like he was a shoe-in for the top slot in the competition, and there was much rejoicing on The Internet.  Even John Mayer offered his support to the Mighty Manchine with an offer to write and record the theme song to Zach’s show.  With over 6 million votes as of the time of this writing, Zach is currently in first place, but his lead has been dwindling.  We won’t get into the debate about whether or not vote tampering has been a factor in Zach’s slip in the polls, but we will take a moment to urge everyone to get off of their lazy asses and throw a vote his way.

Everyone needs to do their part to make this happen.  In the words of the wheelchair-bound lady magnet himself, “no obstacle is too big, no mountain is too high, no volcano is too hot, and no Atlantis is too underwater or fictional.”  Let’s make this happen Austin!  So, take a break from looking at the Hipster Puppies Blog and help a brother out.  It beats the hell out of working at any rate.

John Mayer; to douche or not to douche, that is the question.

Watch his tape audition and vote for Zach HERE.

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