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What’s the best wisecrack in Army of Darkness?

As we are preparing the quote-along extravaganza for our beloved Army of Darkness, it begins to sink in that there are WAY too many great lines packed into this lean barnburner of a movie. Virtually every time Bruce Campbell opens his mouth he delivers phrases so perfect they ought to be stamped on currency or included in a patriotic declaration.

Our pal Matt Kiernan over at AMC Monsterfest has quantified the discussion of "What is the best Bruce Campbell wisecrack in Army of Darkness" in their latest poll. Cast your ballot today on what may very well be the most important democratic decision of the new millennium. "This... is my BOOMSTICK!" or "Hail to the king, baby," only you can decide. I feelm however, that there should be some sort of petition to get "Honey, you got real ugly" onto the list of ten.

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