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What You Missed at Last Week’s BATTLE OF THE BANDS

The Alamo Drafthouse Battle of the Bands:
The RockCats vs The Charles Edward Cheese Band!

So we were ranting and raving about this show long before it happened. In fact, you guys bought up most of the tickets over a week in advance! But, if you are one of those unfortunate souls that is just now hearing about this show, let me give you a quick recap:

There were a bunch of SUPER CUTE cats on stage. Some of them did tricks. Some of the tricks didn't work because they're cats and cats usually just don't give a shit. That didn't matter because the cats were STILL SUPER CUTE! Then all the cats played "music." Then a unicorn, a puppy and an eagle took the stage and "played" amazing songs that they wrote/recorded specifically for the show. Then everybody in the audience died from seeing too much awesome.

JEALOUS?! Well you should be! The Amazing AcroCats (and they're musical side project, The RockCats) were seriously the greatest display of cat performance that I've ever seen. No, I haven't seen other cat performances, because in general, they don't exist. Samantha, the band manager, has been saving, adopting, and training cats most of her life, and we were so stoked that she brought this feline talent to our stage.

The Charles Edward Cheese Band, quickly becoming our house band, took the challenge pretty seriously. I mean really, how do you compete against the fuzziness of a drumming cat? They wrote a series of cat-like (or anti-cat propaganda) songs intended to send the other band into a fit of rage. However, because they were cats, they once again didn't give a shit. Songs ranged from "Cats Can't Sing" to "Sex Kitten" to a historical lesson on cats in ancient Egypt. Fun AND educational!

Check out the video below for a quick recap of all the fun. The video does not do the event justice, but you do get a taste. If you missed the show, don't do that again!

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