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Tickets for Littleton on Sale Now!

Tickets for the Alamo in Littleton are on Sale Now!

Tickets for Littleton on Sale Now!

After almost one year of construction we are happy to finally announce that we are selling tickets for movies and events at the Alamo Drafthouse in Littleton.  As part of our grand opening celebration we are presenting a series of events that will introduce Colorado to everything that is unique about the Alamo. Whether it’s Quote-Alongs, Sing-Alongs, Beer Dinners, Free Family Fun, or new releases we will have something for everyone to experience. The following line-up of events will be a part of our grand opening celebrations.

An Evening With Pam Grier:
On our official opening day we will be spending an evening with with one of cinema’s greatest female action heroines and Colorado native, Pam Grier. Devin Faraci of Badass Digest will present an intimate discussion with Pam while reviewing clips and trailers from some of her greatest performances and taking questions from the audience. He will also present Pam with Badass Digest’s Hall of Fame Award. 

The Denver Film Society PresentsUPSTREAM COLOR:
Join us Thursday, April 4th at 7pm for a special presentation of the wildly buzzed film that took the Sundance Film Festival by storm this year! All ticket proceeds will go to the Denver Film Society and we'll be joined after the film (via Skype) with the director Shane Carruth.

"The dude abides."
“I’m Ron Burgundy?”
There are some movies with dialog that's so entrenched in our culture, so ingrained in our brains, and so much a part of who we are as people that it seems just silly to make us sit and watch the film in total silence. And so even though the Alamo is usually very strict about kicking out anyone who talks during the movie, at The Action Pack's Quote-Along series we're more likely to kick you out if you *don't* talk during the film.
Every movie has key lines subtitled karaoke-style so you can quote-along even if you haven't seen the movie in a while, and each show has a set of props to help take the action on the screen and make it come alive in the theater. Whether it's inflatable swords you can wave around with The Princess Bride or coconut shells for clomping with the "horses" in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, every Quote-Along event features something that makes it more immersive than any other screening you've been to.

Every week, you can see some of the best family movies FREE at the Alamo. For our Free Family Fun series we are presenting the clever and entertaining THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX. Since this event is FREE tickets will only be available at the venue and not on-line.

Cinema Cocktails: SOME LIKE IT HOT
There is no better way to watch one of your favorite movies while drinking a delicious cocktail.  The Alamo Cinema Cocktails series mixes some of the greatest movies with the greatest cocktails.  For our first Cinema Cocktail Event, we present Billy Wilder’s classic SOME LIKE IT HOT. Alamo Beverage Director (and master mixologist) Bill Norris is turning his sights towards Champagne mixes and Manhattans made in hot water bottles. So, grab a drink, dress yourself up (in whatever gender you prefer), and get yourself ready for (undeniably) the greatest comedy of all with booze! (Greg MacLennan)

Totally 80’s Sing-Along:
You’re going to need a new closet full of leg warmers, and expect to go through several pair of fishnet gloves, too.
As you read this, our Action Pack DJs are hard at work creating mixes that move from Def Leppard to Madonna with a healthy dose of Depeche Mode to bridge the gap. They’re seamlessly blending a dance party that moves from The Safety Dance to Dancing in the Streets while Whitney Houston cries out that she wants to dance with somebody, and don’t forget every music video is hand subtitled so you won’t just dance, you’ll also be singing along at the top of your lungs. Of course each week we’ll also have an assortment of extra props and favors to make the show a party, so expect plenty of glow sticks, balloons, streamers and more. Oh yeah! And because that’s not enough excitement we’ll also have our emcees open each show with a karaoke contest, so if you think you know your ‘80s songs and have the voice to prove it you can come up on stage and show off for a chance to win Alamo prizes!

Between 1960 and 1975, European production companies made nearly 500 Western films.  Because a great deal of them were financed and produced by Italian companies, the term "Spaghetti Western" came to define a whole sub-genre of film.  At first, the term originally carried with it a negative connotation, due to the general low budget and poor quality of many early examples.  Critics largely ignored the films, or took them as cheap knock-offs of previous American works.
In celebration of this great time period in cinematic history, The Spaghetti Western Feast was created. This is a hallowed tradition going back to the early days of the Alamo. We screen a classic Italian Western and serve up all the salad, foccaccia and spaghetti you can eat. Don't forget the red wine!

Tough Guy Cinema: ROBOCOP
Tough Guy Cinema loves action movies. One day we sat down and thought, "how could we make these awesome movies....awesomer?" We then glanced down at our "What Would Michael Bay Do?" bracelets and realized the answer was right in front of us: live explosions! You could always find us playing a solid '90s Michael Bay actioner or classic Schwarzennegger, but NOW we are looking to expand our repertoire with classic tough guys in the vein of Van Damme, Segal, Bronson and more. Select shows will have LIVE PYROTECHNICS to explode along during your favorite key action sequences and other times we will just be screening the most bad ass of the bad asses as we celebrate the greatest tough guys in cinema history. So whether you like your fireworks on or off the screen, Tough Guy Cinema has you covered with white knuckled hairy chested awesomeness. (Greg MacLennan)

He hates these cans! Stay away from the cans!
It's the timeless story of a man who was born a poor black child… Steve Martin (making his film debut) stars as Navin Johnson, the relentlessly stupid but innocent adopted son of a poor black sharecropper family who sets out on his own to discover his true self. Goofy to the extreme, surreal and absolutely jam-packed with brilliant cameos, throw-away gags and set-pieces, THE JERK stands the test as one of the greatest comedies of all time. It's also the best way to remember the late, great, wild and crazy guy Steve Martin (not dead yet, you say? Watch THE PINK PANTHER reboots)... Seems that not long ago the sniper trying to off poor, witless Navin wasn't the only one who hated cans. They were also the scourge of the beer drinking community. Thankfully Oskar Blues came along and started to change all that, showing beer nerds everywhere just how good canned beer can (and should) be. Eat your heart out, Silver Bullet... This special Beer Dinner presentation will feature a specially curated selection of Oskar Blues brews in cans paired with five course of gourmet food. (Yes, we will be serving Pizza in a Cup).

Girlie Night celebrates the much-loved but often neglected genre of Slumber Party Movies. You know, the ones where you rewind an awesome kiss and watch it five times while sighing deeply or squeal with your friends when the boy and girl finally get together like you NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD HAPPEN (even though you've seen the movie a thousand times). At Girlie Night, you can squee without shame. Seriously. We've squeed along with everything from '80s classics like Dirty Dancing and Pretty in Pink, to '90s teen romps like Clueless and Can't Hardly Wait, all the way up to more recent favs like Mean Girls and Amelie -- and oh so many more. Plus, we've always got special cocktails, so you can feel totally classy and fabulous while watching your favorite movies with an audience that appreciates those swoon-worthy moments just as much as you do.



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