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We’ve added GHOSTBUSTERS and half-price menu specials to our soft opening line-up!

$3 tickets. Half-off specials on our menu. GHOSTBUSTERS. You're welcome.

We’ve added GHOSTBUSTERS and half-price menu specials to our soft opening line-up!

We were pretty happy with the lineup of films and events we have planned for our soft opening dates at Vintage Park.

From the Academy Award frontrunner ARGO to last year’s blockbuster spy spectacle SKYFALL to digitally restored classics such as JAWS and SINGING IN THE RAIN and even a handful of 35mm screenings of CREEPSHOW – we had a wide supply of entertainment choices for our customers as they helped us train our staff. Tickets were only $3 and we had a full fleet of beer specials planned. But something was missing. We couldn’t quite put our finger on it and then it hit us like a glob of giant, melted marshmallow. GHOSTBUSTERS. We were missing GHOSTBUSTERS.

We have added multiple screenings of GHOSTBUSTERS to our schedule. Come out and see the classic ‘80s comedy on the big screen and check out our new theater – helping to train our staff to be the best little ninja food slingers they can be.

But we’re not done with the shocking surprises. At all screenings during our soft opening from February 10 through February 13, we will discount our menu by 50 percent – not including alcoholic beverages. To thank you for helping us get our staff into tip-top shape, we’re going to cut your food and non-alcoholic bill in half.

Be the first to visit our theater and let us know what you think. Seating for these screenings is extremely limited, though, so make sure you buy your tickets in advance.

Here’s our full soft opening line-up:


Multiple screenings throughout the day from Sunday, February 10 through Wednesday, February 13

James Bond returns under the guidance of Sam Mendes (AMERICAN BEAUTY, ROAD TO PERDITION) in the latest M16 adventure. M (Judi Dench) has a past and it's intruding on her present as Bond's (Daniel Craig) allegiance to his long-time superior is strained. We also meet a new Q in this installment, played by upstart Ben Whishaw (CLOUD ATLAS). Our new villain? Javier Bardem. Our new Bond girls? Berenice Marlohe and Noamie Harris. Yeah, SKYFALL's not messing around. Let's do this.


Multiple screenings throughout the day from Sunday, February 10 through Wednesday, February 13

With JAWS, Steven Spielberg redefined the summer movie experience. We know a little something about redefining movie experiences at the Alamo Drafthouse so JAWS naturally holds a special place in the hearts of our theaters' staff. Universal Studios has released a stunning new 4K digital transfer of this classic survival story and we’ll be happier than a Great White in chum-infested waters to be presenting this new digital print on our state-of-the-art Sony 4K projectors.


Multiple screenings throughout the day from Sunday, February 10 through Wednesday, February 13

ARGO tells the unbelievable true story of how CIA specialist Tony Mendez masterminded a mission to rescue six U.S. citizens who escaped a kidnapping by Iranian militants in 1979. The six men have found shelter in the home of the Canadian Ambassador, but are still stuck behind enemy lines. The plan to get them out: use CIA agents, filmmakers and investors to masquerade as a group preparing to shoot a film in the region where the men are hiding.


Multiple screenings throughout the day from Sunday, February 10 through Wednesday, February 13

It’s possible that GHOSTBUSTERS is the world’s only universally adored movie. If you don’t love it, you’re obviously not a human being. Sorry to be the one to break it to you. Spectre-destroyers Murray, Aykroyd, Ramis and the vastly under-appreciated Hudson collectively defined everything we enjoy in ‘80s cinema, unleashing a supernatural adventure that busts funnybones as well as ghosts. Together, the four hopped in a converted ambulance and made an entire decade safe for hilarity, action, and transdimensional demon combat. But you knew that already, as this timeless classic is burned into our minds eternally. See it on the big screen via a gorgeous new digital restoration.


Multiple screenings throughout Sunday, February 10

Awe-inspiring, brutal and stunning, Wake in Fright is the story of John Grant (Gary Bond), a bonded teacher who arrives in the rough Australian outback mining town of Bundanyabba, planning to stay overnight before catching the plane to Sydney. But, as his one night stretches to five, he plunges headlong toward his own destruction. When the alcohol-induced mist lifts, the educated John Grant is no more. Instead there is a self-loathing man in a desolate wasteland, dirty, red-eyed, sitting against a tree and looking at a rifle with one bullet left.


Multiple screenings throughout the day from Sunday, February 10 through Wednesday, February 13

From director Genndy Tartakovsky (STAR WARS: CLONE WARS, DEXTER'S LABORATORY), HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA is a hilarious, spooky and utterly original 3D take on the world's most famous vampire. Dracula (Adam Sandler) runs a upscale supernatural resort for monsters and their families. But when an ordinary boy (Andy Samberg, reuniting with Sandler after THAT'S MY BOY) stumbles on the resort and falls for Dracula's daughter Mavis (Selena Gomez), Dracula gets a little over-protective! Also starring the hilarious voice talents of Steve Buscemi, Kevin James, David Spade, Fran Drescher, Jon Lovitz, Molly Shannon and Cee-Lo Green, HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA is an all-star laugh riot and a triumph of pure spectacle for all ages.


Multiple screenings throughout the day from Sunday, February 10 through Wednesday, February 13

Anthony Hopkins fits himself  into the role of the notorious director Alfred Hitchcock in this historical retelling of the story behind his most famous film, PSYCHO. From Hitchcock putting up his own money to finance the film to the effects his obsession with the project had on his marriage, HITCHCOCK focuses on the interesting and all-encompassing artistic process behind one of cinema's true titans making one of his all-time great masterpieces. Helen Mirren and Scarlett Johansson also star.

Big Screen Classics: SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN

Sunday, February 10 @ 7 PM

There are two types of people in the world: Those who love the classic musical extravaganza SINGIN' IN THE RAIN and those who haven't got around to seeing it yet. Hollywood's last great masterpiece of entertainment, SINGIN' IN THE RAIN is a heartwarming love story, a fabulous comedy, and a loving tribute to Hollywood history that is at once educational and hilarious. And the songs. You cannot forget about the songs. Even the unlucky few who haven't been graced with the film know the iconic "Good Morning," "Broadway Melody," and "Make 'Em Laugh." Even more so, the title song "Singin' in the Rain" is engraved so deeply in our culture's musical heritage that I bet you're singin' it in your head as you read these words. I know I am. The dancing sensation Gene Kelly co-directs (with musical legend Stanley Donen) and stars alongside the energetic comic genius Donald O'Connor and the beautiful and talented Debbie Reynolds in this beloved and epic, glorious motion picture.

Graveyard Shift: CREEPSHOW

Multiple screenings from Sunday, February 10 through Tuesday, February 12

Stephen King has undoubtedly earned his reputation as a modern-day master of horror — why, then, does he fare so poorly when it comes to adaptations of his work for the big screen? For every SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, there’s a dozen LAWNMOWER MEN. There exist a handful of films, though, that are not only great adaptations — they’re great films period. CREEPSHOW, a collaboration with NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD director George A. Romero, is one of those films. CREEPSHOW is a hallmark of the horror anthology sub-genre and a precursor to one of the best television shows of the ‘80s — Tales from the Darkside.  The film pays tribute to the classic EC horror comics of the ‘50s — right down to the bright color palate and innovative framing and editing effects. Made up of five segments, the movie stars Tom Atkins, Leslie Nielsen, Ted Danson, Hal Holbrook, Adrienne Barbeau and Stephen King himself. Whether you’re a fan of zombies, monsters, revenge plots or being eaten alive by insects, CREEPSHOW has the flavor of horror you desire.


Multiple screenings throughout Monday, February 11

In what critics are hailing as “the funniest movie of the year!” (, KLOWN follows two wildly inappropriate friends — played by celebrated international comedians Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen — as they run amok through the Danish countryside plowing through endless awkward confrontations and unspeakable debaucheries. Hopelessly wrongheaded Frank “kidnaps” the 12-year-old nephew of his pregnant girlfriend in an eager attempt to prove his fatherhood potential to join sex-crazed Casper on his adulterous weekend canoe trip. From exclusive brothels, hospitalizations, armed robberies and even prison, the three paddle downstream from one chaotic misadventure to the next culminating to a surprise sentimental portrait of friendship and a final shocking reveal that you won’t soon unsee.

Music Monday: BUGSY MALONE

Monday, February 11 @ 7 PM

Paul Williams is enjoying a bit of a comeback right now – the star of an award-winning documentary, a song on the Academy Award nomination shortlist and an upcoming musical collaboration with Guillermo del Toro. Celebrate the musician’s legendary career with a three-week career retrospective. BUGSY MALONE is a 1976 musical directed by Alan Parker (MIDNIGHT EXPRESS, PINK FLOYD THE WALL) that tackles the gangster genre with a decidedly kid-appropriate bent. The film, about rival gangs fighting over "Splurge Guns" (weapons that fire cream pies), features only child actors in its cast. Everybody from the floozy dance hall singers to the mustache twirling bad guys are played by kids. To make matters even more deliciously weird, though, whenever the kids break out out into song — and they do often — the songs are sung by adults. Paul Williams (THE MUPPET MOVIE, PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE) is responsible for the film's hugely catchy songs. BUGSY MALONE featured the film debut of future "Charles in Charge" star Scott Baio and featured Jodie Foster, at 13 already a veteran actor.


Multiple screenings from Monday, February 11 through Wednesday, February 13

Man, this is one of those movies that you don't just quote-along with when you're watching it; if you're at all like me you quote this movie every day, all through your regular life, and at times you forget that some of the things you say all the time are actually from the movie. Well from now on, that aggression will not stand, man, because at long last the Action Pack has put together THE BIG LEBOWSKI Quote-Along and we can't wait to see all of our Little Lebowski Urban Achievers out at the theater. As always with a Quote-Along, all of your favorite lines will be subtitled karaoke-style so it will be easy to yell out, "Nobody f*cks with the Jesus!" at exactly the right time (you're on your own for getting the accent, though). We'll have a giant sized bowling game on stage before the film, a bunch of props to help make the best moments of the film come to life (including a bag of Walter's dirty whites) and MORE!


Multiple screenings throughout Tuesday, February 12

Chris Morris' Four Lions is a funny, thrilling comedy that illuminates modern jihadism through the prism of farce. What THIS IS SPINAL TAP did for heavy metal and DR. STRANGELOVE did for the Cold War, Four Lions does for the modern face of terrorism. In a British city, four men have a secret plan. Omar is disillusioned about the treatment of Muslims around the world and is determined to become a soldier. This is the most exciting idea Waj has ever heard -- better still it's a no-brainer because Omar does his thinking for him. Opposed to Omar -- and everyone else on earth -- is the white Islamic convert Barry. He would realize he'd joined the cell to channel his nihilism -- if he had half the self-knowledge of a duck. Faisal is the odd man out. He can make a bomb, but he can't blow himself up just now 'cuz his sick dad has "started eating newspaper." Instead, he's training crows to fly bombs through windows. This is what Omar has to deal with. They must strike a decisive blow on their own turf but can any of them strike a match without punching himself in the face? Crackling with wit and tension, Four Lions is the essential response to our failure to engage with reality and a high toast to the idea that laughter is better than killing.

TOTALLY '80s Sing-Along

Tuesday, February 12 @ 7 PM

We’ve been putting together specially themed Sing-Alongs and releasing them on a monthly basis for years now, but after uncovering a vault of hundreds of new (to us) music videos from the ‘80s we realized that this would be the year for a big change. And so starting this January the Action Pack is proud to announce that we’re going to have Totally ‘80s Parties at a whole bunch of Alamo theaters, and every show will be a completely new mix! You’re going to need a new closet full of leg warmers, and expect to go through several pair of fishnet gloves, too. Each week you’ll get an entirely new mix of subtitled music videos featuring all of the best pop artists of the ‘80s, so no matter how many nights you come out you’ll never see the same show twice.


Wednesday, February 13 @ 10 PM

YES! Another seasonal/holiday themed remix. We’ve done SPRING, HALLOWEEN, THANKSGIVING, CHRISTMAS, and now finally VALENTINE’S DAY. And since we’ve broadened the theme to LOVE, we have tons of horror films to choose from. As we were picking out the most heart-ripping moments in VHS history, Swedish songwriter, Jens Lekman’s lyrics kept coming to mind; ‘I don’t know what love is, but I know what it isn’t.’ I have to think our LOVE remix shares this sentiment. Although we call this show LOVE, ironically, there is a lot of hate going on. Because our LOVE is about jealousy, betrayal, greed, lust, obsession, and revenge. All the evil emotions that surround love. What love isn’t. The reasons people avoid opening their heart to someone. Maybe we should’ve called this remix LOVE ISN’T. Because what ‘love isn’t’ is damn scary. So, grab your valentine and come see the BRAND NEW remix that celebrates love and all the horrific things that go with it. Featuring Killing Spree (1987), Haunting Fear (1990), Super Vixens (1975), and much, much, much more.

Girlie Night: THE NOTEBOOK

Wednesday, February 13 @ 7:15 PM

Valentine’s Day is meant to be shared with someone you love. That’s why, for February’s Girlie Night, we’re presenting THE NOTEBOOK, so we can all spend some quality time with our boyfriend, Ryan Gosling. In this cryfest of cinema based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, country boy Noah (Gosling) charms his way into city girl Allie’s (Rachel McAdams) heart, but can their love endure the trials of family prejudice and the tribulations of war? More importantly, can you handle how incredibly sexy Ryan Gosling looks shirtless? Or with a beard... in the rain? Or basically, any time he lights up the screen with his foxy golden presence? Some claim this film isn’t realistic, but honestly, the only exaggeration is James Marsden temporarily winning over Gosling because AS IF. Featuring one of the hottest kisses of all time, this film is like crack for your lady parts, and we’ll celebrate our addiction together without shame at Girlie Night. So hey girl, don’t miss it!


Multiple screenings throughout Wednesday, February 13

An acclaimed selection from this past year's Fantastic Fest, BULLHEAD is a visceral saga bursting with rage that TwitchFilm calls “one of the most original crime films in recent memory." After being hand-picked by Alamo Drafthouse Founder and CEO Tim League, BULLHEAD will be released theatrically in the U.S. by Drafthouse Films, the Alamo's new film distribution arm. Following festival screenings and award wins worldwide, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that BULLHEAD has been nominated for and Academy Award in the Best Foreign Language Film category. Perhaps the year’s most stunning international debut, Michael R. Roskam’s BULLHEAD is a harrowing tale of revenge, redemption and fate. Domineering cattle farmer Jacky Vanmarsenille (Mattias Schoenaerts in a ferocious breakout performance), constantly pumped on steroids and hormones, initiates a shady deal with a notorious mafioso meat trader. When an investigating federal agent is assassinated and a woman from his traumatic past resurfaces, Jacky must confront his demons and face the far-reaching consequences of his decisions.




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