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Welcome to the New Site

Spring is here, and the new is freshly hatched.

Welcome to the New Site

We've been working long and hard to update our website and make it all not only prettier, but also much more functional. We're in a beta stage of testing the site right now, but *hopefully* everything is fully functional. You can even buy your tickets to movies and events directly from this site from now on, so now that you've found it feel free to keep coming back.

In a few more weeks we'll move out of beta and actually shift the URLs of both and to point to this site which combines them both. For now, though, let me talk about some of the improvements that I'm personally excited about.

1) Having one website!
As Alamo fans in Austin know, for the past few years we've had one website to get info and tickets for events at the Village, Ritz, Sourth Lamar and a totally different website to get tickets for Lake Creek (or any Alamo in another city). This new site finally combines the two and brings the best of both worlds together.

2) Calendar views!
The old already had a complete calendar view, but now we can check out a calendar for any Alamo Drafthouse. So if there's a show you missed in one city, maybe, must maybe you'll want to drive over to San Antonio or Houston to catch it there. All you have to do to see another city's site is click on the button on the far left of the menu bar (where there's the little A logo and it probably says Austin right now). Even if you just stay in one city, though, look at how awesome that calendar view is - you can select a new theater so easily! You can also use the filter to either view only new release movies OR just Alamo Signature Programming. That alone should help make planning your cinematic entertainment in the further future much easier.

3) Enhanced show pages!
At long last the page for each movie or event will actually be linked across all theaters in your city. So if you want to see The Princess Bride Quote-Along but can't make it to the Ritz on Thursday you can easily see if there's a screening at the Village that fits your schedule better. That's also insanely helpful for new release movies, where one page will show you every showtime for Source Code in your city. Plus we can include more images and videos to spice up the pages, which is just fun for us.

4) New series pages!
A lot of our Signature Events are actually recurring series, and for the first time ever our new website makes it easy for you to stay up  to date with your favorite events. Love Master Pancake? Check out their series page here and you'll be able to see images from upcoming movies, a schedule of their shows in your city, and trailers that they produce for their events. We also have that going for almost all of our other series, and we'll continually create series pages for our special series events (like the upcoming Muppets screenings or the Robert Downey, Sr. Retrospective) so you can make sure you don't miss out on anything you want to see.

5) A functional search bar!
Sure, it's no Google algorithm or anything, but that little box in the top right actually serves as a means of searching through the site. Want to find out if we have a page up for The Muppet Movie Sing-Along yet? Just type Muppet into that search bar and check out all the results.

Of course, that's just the tip of the iceberg, and we'll be adding more information to our press page, making it easier to find venue rental info, or to get tickets to a Rolling Roadshow event, and all that good stuff. We also just think this site is prettier, and hopefully you agree.

Anyway, we'll still be changing things around and ironing out the kinks over the next couple of weeks while we're in beta, so feel free to shoot us an email and let us know if you have any thoughts about things that could make your experience on the new better in any way.


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