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Legendary writer/director Tom Holland is coming to the Ritz to presnt a brand new 35mm print of one of his greatest films, FRIGHT NIGHT.


In a few weeks, the contemporary remake of horror masterpiece FRIGHT NIGHT will introduce a whole new generation to this story.  But the Austin Film Festival and Alamo Drafthouse can’t wait that long to celebrate the 1985 classic.  We’re bringing in the man himself, writer/director Tom Holland (CHILD’S PLAY, CLOAK AND DAGGER, CLASS OF 1984, PSYCHO 2), to introduce the original film and do a post-screening Q&A live in person!  As if that’s not enough, Holland will be joined by writer Alvaro Rodriguez (MACHETE), who counts the original FRIGHT NIGHT as one of his greatest inspirations.

For those of you who haven’t seen the film, prepare yourself for scantily clad vampires, shrill teenage sidekicks, and Roddy McDowall himself.  For those of you who have seen it on TV or home video, prepare yourself for a glorious, brand-new 35mm print of this beloved horror gem.  FRIGHT NIGHT serves as proof that horror films can be fresh and original rather than ripoffs of recent box office successes.  It’s a celebration of the horror genre and the syndicated TV hosts who used to serve it up every Saturday night.  Most importantly, it’s a reminder of when horror films were fun, and we’re going to be having a lot of fun on Tuesday night with Tom Holland and Alvaro Rodriguez.  See you there! (Stephen Jannise, Austin Film Festival)

TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE!!  See FRIGHT NIGHT this Tuesday, August 2, at 7pm at the Ritz.


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