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In just over 24 hours, the most bone-shatteringly hilarious musical satirist of the last 20,000 years will roam OUR CITY, performing a full live set with his band as the opener for Fun Fun Fun Fest 2010!! Last time he came to Austin was to present his cinematic H-bomb UHF at the Paramount Theatre, but now he's returning with his accordion in his clenched fist, ready to level the world with comic gold.

If you've never witnessed a Weird Al concert, you'd better wear a 12-pack of Depends undergarments, because every second will have you busting some organ with severe excitement. This is the parodist who's outlasted everyone he's parodied; the maniac who changes his costume for every song in mere seconds. Truly, THE GREATEST MUSICAL PERFORMER ALIVE UPON THE PLANET.

Miss this show if you are a butt. Otherwise, don't miss this show.

Tickets are HERE!:


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