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(We Won’t Be) Rolling Out The Red Carpet… this year

For those of you who have been wondering when we'd announce our Annual Red Carpet Bash we have some sad news: We won't be hosting one -- at least not this year. It's a bummer, we know. We've hosted a party celebrating Hollywood, its stars, and those shiny little statues pretty much every year since the Alamo's inception (not to be confused with film that will no doubt be nominated for Best Picture this year... one of the 10...).

We've loved hosting it and putting our own Alamo spin on the evening with contests, prizes, embarrassing clips of celebrities in early forgotten roles, sing-a-longs and more. But, for a variety of boring, complicated, legal reasons we'll be sitting this year out. We'll still be watching with anticipation and rooting for our favorite films, it'll just be in our boring old living rooms without our dear Alamo pals. Won't be the same, for sure, but we'll muddle through.

The silver lining? Plans are already in the works to bring the Red Carpet Bash back for next year and if we do you can be sure we'll be doing it up bigger, better, and fancier than ever!

Since we have over a year to plan the 2012 Red Carpet Bash and convince the lawyers to let us do it, what kinds of improvements and additions would YOU like to see?


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