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We SAW it! We LOVED it! We GOT it! BAD LIEUTENANT opens Dec 11 at Ritz!!!

bad l Ho. Ly. Smokes.

We'll admit, we were initially merely amused at the prospect of the new BAD LIEUTENANT film. Mid-career action convert Nicolas Cage starring in a film from German renaissance wildman Werner Herzog? Sure, we'll watch that. An advance screening rolled around about a week ago and the programmers gathered together to give the movie a fair viewing.

Two hours later, our faces were obliterated. It's no joke: BAD LIEUTENANT is the BEST FILM OF 2009. I swear on my granny. It's a perfectly assembled, harrowing, hilarious, one-of-a-kind film, and deserves to be seen by everyone between the ages of 16 and 3000. Nicolas Cage does things that no actor has ever done in a movie. Herzog takes chances that pay off without fail. There are invisible iguanas and breakdancing ghosts. And it all ties together in a tight, completely linear storyline. That's some kinda miracle and these guys did it.

It's everything you could want on a screen, and we're not even the only ones who think so. Take a look at some of these rave reviews from normally respectable sources:

"An original, offbeat and rewarding cop story with Nicolas Cage in great form." - Hollywood Reporter

"Here, Nicolas Cage is a fearless actor. He doesn't care if you think he goes over the top...he will crawl to the top hand over hand with bleeding fingernails. " - Roger Ebert

"Like a jumpy, coke-fueled Pied Piper, Cage takes viewers to the very precipice of depraved self-abasement, while preserving just enough self-conscious humor to keep from tumbling in." - Washington Post

"A vividly acted and directed movie that stretches the boundaries of its genre and keeps you in its ever-unpredictable grip throughout." -BoxOffice

...These are just the tip of the iceberg. This Nicolas Cage crime movie is the most outrageous, entertaining night at the movies you'll have until the actual Mayan apocalypse.

Believe it.

Check out the show page HERE!


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