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We Love John Hughes

The Alamo Team was sitting in a meeting yesterday afternoon when the internet exploded with news of John Hughes' death. Hughes defined a generation of teenagers as rebels and lonely hearts, worked with Steve Martin and John Candy, saved Ferris, and damnit, we'll miss the guy! The strange thing, though, is that we had already booked two of his films for next month! Master Pancake is mocking THE BREAKFAST CLUB (mocking in the most lovingly way possible, mind you!), and Girlie Night's September screening is SIXTEEN CANDLES! What better way to celebrate a great director than by watching as many of his films as possible! After some thought, we also decided that we should add a showing of The FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF Quote-Along this month, because we need a more immediate sense of closure. Also, we will have Gummi Bears for your pockets so that they'll be all soft and warm by the end. So come out to the theater and pay your respects to a great writer, director, and producer, and we'll all save Ferris together!

Saturday, August 15th at the Ritz

What child of the '80s didn't want to grow up to become Ferris Bueller? Cool, calm, collected and confident, he was the Ultimate high school idol to look up to, and the cause of many, many truancies ever since the film's release. Well now we're offering you the chance to skip out on your own job or school (if you have class or work at night, anyway) and join us for the first ever FERRIS BUELLER QUOTE-ALONG! We'll be subtitling all of the best lines and having the whole crowd shout them out together, plus we'll have gummy bears for everyone. Put yours in your pocket at the beginning of the movie, and by the time the credits are rolling they'll be perfectly warmed and softened and ready to share with any disheveled high school principals you happen to meet on your bus ride home. So get your sweater vest ready and hop a parade float down to the Alamo Ritz. We won't tell your parents that you aren't really sick.

Friday, August 28th & Saturday, August 29th

Perhaps the quintessential John Hughes movie, THE BREAKFAST CLUB features poutylipped fireball Molly Ringwald and fellow brat-packers Anthony Michael Hall, Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez, and Ally Sheedy as a quintet of misfits trapped in detention for one fateful afternoon. While there, these five Jungian archetypes of high school life (the geek, the jock, the princess, the thug, and the Cure fan) learn that they are not in fact so very different after all. Originally titled LIBRARY REVOLUTION, THE BREAKFAST CLUB shows that by banding together you CAN overthrow 'the man' -- or at least your douche-bag principal -- played perfectly here by the master of assoholitude, Paul Gleason (TRADING PLACES, DIE HARD). Be our guest for some 'Simple Minded' fun as Master Pancake's John, Joe and company give a unique twist to one of the best/worst teen revolution.

Look for GIRLIE NIGHT presents SIXTEEN CANDLES in the next calendar! Dates TBA!

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