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We love Danny McBride… and so should you!

For those fortunate enough to catch the screening of THE FOOT FIST WAY that Patton Oswalt brought to the theater last year, you are already in the Danny McBride Fan Club. Will Ferrell considers him to be the funniest actor working in Hollywood today and has chosen him to costar in the upcoming LAND OF THE LOST remake. We'll be opening THE FOOT FIST WAY later this year, but on the more immediate horizon is another supporting character role for Mr. McBride. He'll be playing Don, the self-proclaimed sex symbol vagrant in the Seth-Rogan-penned, Owen-Wilson-starring Drillbit Taylor which opens at the Alamo on March 21. Check out this new clip above, just released by Paramount. It's a glimpse into the future, see America's next comedy megastar: Danny McBride. Enjoy!

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