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WATCHMEN Countdown! 3 Reasons to watch it with us at the Alamo.

watchmenAs you doubtless know already if you're reading this, the huge monster adaptation of WATCHMEN is coming to theaters near you starting next Thursday at Midnight. If you're one of the millions who've read the classic graphic novel (certainly the most acclaimed comic opus of all time) or one of the billions who haven't, you are about to enter a world of post-heroic heroism, and a tapestry of 20th century culture as rich as any you can get from any history book. It's a huge epic, but the tiny touches of humanity and truth resound just as much as the enormous action set-pieces. You'll think Iron Man and the Dark Knight had a baby and named it Awesome!

And speaking of awesome, it's a way of life for us here. While you're out working hard at whatever it is you do, we're hunkered down preparing to make your leisure time ultra-great.

Most people probably know this already but Austin's growing all the time. So, here's why you wanna see it with us at the Alamo South or at Village.

1) When you arrive at the theater you'll see a preshow with stuff like Watchman creator Alan Moore sitting in a tree and discussing his philosophy of comics, whereas at every other theater you'll hear Three Doors Down singing about the National Guard. Plus, you can buy Watchmen T-shirts and books in the lobby, and you'll be wanting those.

2) Most theaters economize on everything - they staff a 12 theater multiplex with four high school kids, they use half the light they should to save on electric bills and bulb replacement, and if a speaker blows in a theater you get to hear it rattle for weeks afterward. We don't have to answer to stockholders so we spend as much as we need to to make the experience great. We have the highest projection and sound standards in Austin, and at a movie like WATCHMEN you will feel the difference. We also don't allow crying babies and loud yahoos to ruin your movie experience.

3) It's a big, long movie. You're going to need more than stale Raisinets and a Mr. Pibb to keep you going. You will need nutritious things like beer and pizzas and giant cheeseburgers. We've got these things and we will give them to you.

See you soon, and please be smart, buy your tickets now:

Alamo Lamar Midnight Thursday March 5.

Alamo Village Midnight March 5.

Alamo Lamar starting Friday March 6.

Alamo Village starting Friday March 6.

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