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Watch Willy Wonka with Mike TeeVee and Veruca Salt Live in Person!

The Action Pack is bringing two of the original Wonka kids back to Texas for multiple Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory screenings in Houston, San Antonio and Austin!

Watch Willy Wonka with Mike TeeVee and Veruca Salt Live in Person!

That's right, Texas! Mike TeeVee and Veruca Salt will be joining the Action Pack at an Alamo Drafthouse near you on April 27, 28 & 289 Join us in a world of pure imagination as we screen one of the most beloved family films of all time, then stick around for a Q&A with Paris Themmen (Mike TeeVee) and Julie Dawn Cole (Veruca Salt) to hear all about what it was like to work with Gene Wilder, how much candy they ate on set, and how long it took for their stomach aches to go away.

I got to meet Paris and Julie at a screening we had at the Ritz last year, and I'm absolutely thrilled that they enjoyed hanging out with us as much as we liked them. Immediately after that show Paris told me he had already decided to come back to meet as many Alamo fans as possible, and when Julie heard that he would be back she took time off to fly over from England to hang out with us, too.

We're having members of The Action Pack meet them at the airport in Houston before heading to the Alamo Mason Park, then swinging by San Antonio for shows on Saturday at Stone Oak, then finishing up the weekend in Austin for shows at the South Lamar location. Each show will be worthy of a golden ticket, and audience members at ALL shows will get a signed poster from both of the stars included with their ticket!

We'll have all sorts of other Action Pack specials, of course, including a giant gummy bear eating contest before the film that will give two lucky audience members a CRAZY sugar rush for the rest of the film, and plenty of fizzy drinks that will make you burp without lifting you dangerously close to the huge and terrifying fan we have at the top of the ceiling in every Alamo Drafthouse.

Just be sure to return your everlasting gobstoppers at the end of the night, no matter how long you've been sucking on it. That's the only way we'll know you're honest enough to run our Alamo Factory one day.


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