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Watch An Episode of the KLOWN Television Series Written by Lars Von Trier!

The award-winning Danish auteur behind Melancholia and Antichrist goes raunchy in his penned episode of the original KLOWN sitcom, coming soon from Drafthouse Films! 

Watch An Episode of the KLOWN Television Series Written by Lars Von Trier!

In anticipation of the upcoming July 27 theatrical/VOD/digital release of Klown, the boundary-breaking comedy that critics are calling "the funniest movie of the year," (The Village Voice), Drafthouse Films is offering fans a free digital download of a very special episode of the original "Klown" television series. The hit 60-episode sitcom, which is the basis of the feature film, ran for 6 seasons in Scandinavia starring internationally celebrated comedians Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen as themselves -- two wildly inappropriate friends plowing through various jaw-dropping situations and an unthinkable array of social faux pas.

Award-winning Danish auteur Lars von Trier (Dancer In The Dark, Melancholia, Antichrist) guest wrote an episode of the series titled "Its A Jungle Down There," about Frank and Casper's wives taking interest in a masturbation class and their persistent infiltration of these very private sessions. Drafthouse Films has released this hilarious episode for free on their website and are also planning a release of the series in its entirety later in the year on various digital platforms.




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