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Warning: if you are allergic to awesomeness don’t see SPIDER-MAN at the Alamo!

As most Austinites know by now, you have two legitimate choices for seeing summer blockbusters:

A) See it at the Alamo with cold beer, delicious food and special pre-shows to get you pumped up into a blood frenzy of anticipation.


B) Do something else.

Nothing against regular movie theaters, we love watered down Mr. Pibb and nuclear popcorn with mysterious golden topping as much as the next guy and who doesn't want to watch Coke commercials well past the posted start time of the film? In that regard the corporate dinosaur multiplexes have us beat.

But when it comes to your valuable leisure time and your hard-earned entertainment dollar, doesn't it make the most sense to go to the place that shows you a good time? We love movies as much as you do and we know that you work hard all week long and you Deserve Fun. So we work just as hard to bring you that fun.

At the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar and Village this weekend we have SPIDERMAN 3 with the most spider-tastic preshow ever and a menu that will have you climbing the walls, available through Thursday May 17:

Bugs in a web 10.99

Crawfish with linguine tossed in a roast garlic and red pepper cream sauce on a bed of baby spinach topped with chunks of parmesan and portobello spiders

The Tobey Maguire 8.99
Fried Tofu, carrots, bean sprouts, spicy cucumber, avocado, tomato, radish, toasted walnuts and mixed greens with a smoked tomato-herb sauce

NY Style Hot Dog 6.99
Soft White Bun filled with a ¼ lb all beef frank with mustard, NY style Onion sauce and Kraut with sea salt chips

And for Dessert: The Green Goblin Lime Shake 5.00

Plus, as always, we have a gigantic beer and wine selection.

Also at the Alamo South Lamar we have one of those bouncy inflatable thingies that you can jump on with a velcro wall, so you can pretend you have Spider-person powers!

Plus: at every opening weekend evening show we will have a spider and scorpion petting zoo courtesy of our friends at Herpeton Exotic Pets.

See it at The Alamo South Lamar or the Alamo Village but see it, see it, see it!

Afterwards if you want to bask in the afterglow of Spidermania, Check out JAPANESE SPIDERMAN in Fabulous FOLEYVISION. All music, voices and sound effects are produced live in the theater by the FOLEYVISION crew. Two nights only: May 12 (with guest Mouth Sounds artist Fred Newman) and May 19 at the Alamo Downtown. Click here for more info.

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