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Wanna see the best documentary of the year?

prodigal-sons_pdpOn Tuesday and Wednesday this week, we'll be showing PRODIGAL SONS, a new documentary that is so fantastic that you'll barely believe it's a true story.  We're very lucky to be able to screen this small, independent film.  The reason the film jumped out to us, and why we fought to bring it out to Austin even when the distributors had no plans to show the film here, is because it has so much heart.  The story is a soul-wrenching tale of a family struggling through problems that threaten to tear it apart, but is able to maintain a fascinating and non-sentimental tone. The director, who is also the subject of the film, is able to convey the small details of her family so beautifully that you will feel like a cousin, uncomfortably watching as your family unfurls at a Christmas dinner.

"Superb.  No one could make this believable if it were fiction." - David Wiegand, San Francisco Chronicle

I could not recommend this film more highly.  It is so intense and personally resonant that you will never forget it.  I also recommend you see it without reading about the plot, because there are some twists and turns that you may want to experience cold.  If you will trust us, just buy your tickets and show up Tuesday or Wednesday for what I promise will be the most affecting nonfiction film of the year.

If you need to know more, here's some story to get you going:

Two estranged brothers decide to end their separation at their twenty-year high school reunion. One brother has had a horrible car accident leaving him with severe brain damage, prone to troubling and violent mood swings. The other, who was captain of the football team, is now a woman and is bringing her girlfriend along for support. Their reunion turns from bittersweet to frightening, and always leaves you flabbergasted and enraptured. This fantastic story about mental illness, gender dilemmas, and family is so shocking and incredible that it is hard to believe...even before the shocking genetic link to Orson Welles comes into play! Director and subject Kimberly Reed is able to capture the mania, confusion and complications involved in her injured family.

Be sure to come see this one-of-a-kind documentary before it's too late!  Tuesday and Wednesday, 7pm, @Ritz.

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