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Wanna be in a movie?

You guys may know this already, but I'm serving as executive producer on the new film by Simon Rumley.  That title can mean a lot of things.  For me, I'm providing lodging for the cast and crew and am helping with catering, locations, transportation and general Austin advice.  One more task has been added to the list, finding Austinites with country clothing who want to be extras in the scenes at the Broken Spoke.

Simon's last feature THE LIVING AND THE DEAD won top honors at Fantastic Fest 2006, winning best actor, best director and best picture trophies.  His next film RED WHITE AND BLUE is set in Austin and we need some folks to stand around in country duds and drink free Lone Star.  For me, that is method acting, so Karrie and I will definitely be there to help reduce the beer inventory.  We'll also have some door prizes to give away!

If you want to be onscreen in a very cool new film by one of my favorite London filmmakers, please join me and Karrie at the Broken Spoke on Tuesday, July 7 at 1 PM.  If you can make it, please contact Melissa at 512 484 4651 or by email, [email protected]

Also, if anyone knows where I can get that shirt that Roy Rogers is sporting above, I'll pay $100 for it.

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