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Videostore clerk trivia throw-down results here!

Last night at the Ritz 180 maniacal trivia buffs watched a showdown between Austin's top two video-stores: I Luv Video and Vulcan Video.

Zack and I wrote the questions and hosted. Categories ranged from APES APES APES to WAYANS BROTHERS and to all points in between, though the MUSICALS ABOUT NEWSBOYS category was probably a bad idea.

The score was tight throughout and it came down to a 50 to 49 point win for I Luv Video. Everyone had a blast and a few beers were consumed (we actually ran out of Lone Star). It was the most fun I've ever had with a burgundy polyester suit on.

Feel free to go congratulate the I Luv crew or razz the Vulcan guys but both teams have asked that they not be exposed to any bright light or loud noises for at least the next two days.

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