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Video Scrapbook: The Ultimate Indiana Jones Adventure

Last Wednesday night, as we were gearing up for the midnight opening of INDIANA JONES AND THE CRYSTAL SKULL, a team of dedicated superfans joined us for a VIP experience like nothing we'd done before - the Ultimate Indiana Jones Adventure. 50 fedora-wearing Indy enthusiasts boarded a bus bound for a jungle adventure of swinging through the trees at Cypress Valley Canopy Tours, a feast of crocodile and alligator while watching a close up live snake show featuring rattlesnakes in the audience and cobras being kissed, then bussed back to the Alamo South Lamar for the feature itself. As usual for an Alamo event, we had a cooler full of beer on the bus, and the whole experience set an incredible tone of excitement for the movie, getting me personally amped up in a way I hadn't been since my mom took me to McDonald's for a Batman happy meal before we stood in line all day for the 1989 BATMAN movie when I was in fifth grade.

Thomas Humphreys of 501 Studios was on the trip as well, and he cut together this little music video of the first half of the experience, so if you were with us you can relive it, and if you missed out on this one you can make sure you don't miss our next Ultimate Adventure:

Untitled from Henri Mazza on Vimeo.

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