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Video Hate Squad: OUTLAW FORCE this Sunday with CRAZY SURPRISES! Just $1!

Disregard the Oscars with TRUE POWER! Witness the ultimate spectacle of cowboy-on-urban-scumbag violence with OUTLAW FORCE!

Video Hate Squad: OUTLAW FORCE this Sunday with CRAZY SURPRISES! Just $1!

This Sunday night, Hollwyood is going to line up its richest, most boring residents and take turns patting each of them on the head.

You can watch that, OR! You can spend the evening boiling in the white-hot VHS rage of rural hatred, as a Vietnam vet cowboy invades the meanest streets of LA for some PURE RETRIBUTION! All this PLUS Frank Stallone and a VERY special surprise for all who attend!

Just read the show description from our co-host/cohort Max!:

"It’s a National Geographic factoid that the sum masculinity of OUTLAW FORCE is so potent, so virile, that numerous African tribes have incorporated screenings of this film into their rite of manhood.

Billy Ray Dalton thought his war was over when he returned from 'Nam and settled into his routine as a western show stuntman/country singer…but he was wrong! After a band of punkers destroy his family, Dalton is forced to follow them into the concrete jungle, where he must rescue his daughter before she’s sold to a snakepit of pedophiles!

And that’s not all! The film is also augmented by a weird proto-TANGO & CASH subplot featuring none other than Frank Stallone himself, alongside the fantastic Paul L. “Bluto” Smith! The man behind this menagerie of malehood is unfamiliar to most, but once you’ve experienced OUTLAW FORCE, you’ll not soon forget the name of wildman David Heavener, who serves not only as director, but also producer, star, and singer of the film’s downhome soundtrack! If you miss this one you might as well donate your flesh to burn victims!"

Every word he said is true, and every ounce of this rampaging sweat-ripper can be yours for a mere buck! So TO HELL WITH THE OSCARS! Come rip criminals to pulpy, bullet-ridden shreds with OUTLAW FOOOOOORRRCE!!!


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