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Victory member? Attend a special screening of NEIGHBORS this Thursday!

Enjoy $5 tickets and beer specials at a special Victory-only screening of NEIGHBORS this Thursday night. 

Victory member? Attend a special screening of NEIGHBORS this Thursday!

NEIGHBORS is a really funny film. Tightly paced, full of jokes and featuring surprisingly amazing performances from Zac Efron and Dave Franco, the film is an early contender for one of the best comedies of the year. To celebrate its release this Thursday, we’re hosting a private screening of the film for our Victory members.

This private screening will feature $5 tickets, beer specials, custom cocktails themed around the film and maybe, just maybe, a healthy dose of hazing. To attend, you must be a member of our Victory program. Alamo Victory members receive special offers and rewards such as free movie tickets, invitations to sneak previews, exclusive screenings and unique events, T-shirts, and DVDs. Every Alamo Victory member will receive at least two special offers each year in addition to a free movie ticket on their birthday. It doesn’t cost anything to join so if you want to attend our NEIGHBORS Victory party, make sure you join before 11:59 PM on Wednesday, May 7.

Not a member of Victory? Join here!

Can’t make our Victory party? Buy tickets to the film here!

Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne star in NEIGHBORS as a couple whose dreams of domestic bliss are shattered when a college fraternity moves in next door. The frat, a cadre of bros led by Zac Efron, make it their mission to turn their neighbor’s life into a living hell.

“I'm still laughing at jokes from last night's SXSW premiere of Nicholas Stoller's NEIGHBORS, a movie so hilarious that I couldn't catch my breath at times for the laughter. I already need to see it again because I missed so many lines that were obscured by the uproar rising from the audience. It's a movie that just made me happy, the kind of comedy that I already know I'm going to own and watch over and over.” – Meredith Borders, Badass Digest

“I don't anticipate anything dethroning NEIGHBORS as the comedy movie of the summer.  If anything can, more power to them.  But NEIGHBORS is about as funny a movie as I've seen from Rogen, Goldberg, and Nick Stoller, and if the audience of the Paramount last night was any indication, NEIGHBORS is going to be wildly successful.” – Nordling, Ain’t It Cool News


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