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VAMPIRE PROM tickets now on sale!

It doesn't matter whether you swoon for Spike or Edward, there's no denying that vampires are the greatest "monsters" of all time. And sure, I'd miss garlic and sunlight a little bit, but would I trade that in for eternal life and the ability to jump really high and then cast a smoldering gaze at the girl who looks vaguely like a woman I loved two centuries ago? Of course I would.

And while I haven't found a secret clan of vampires living among us and offering to turn me into one of them yet, I can at least get one night of practice in next Saturday, as the Alamo is celebrating LET THE RIGHT ONE IN and TWILIGHT with our very first VAMPIRE PROM.

Tickets and more information are now available on the show page for this Rolling Roadshow event. Check it out, and get your fangs ready!

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