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Uwe Boll and Zack Ward talk POSTAL

Saturday night at Fantastic Fest we got to screen POSTAL, the new Uwe Boll masterpiece that starts off inside the cockpit of a plane that's going to smash into the World Trade Center where there are two terrorists arguing about whether or not there will actually be enough virgins left in paradise for them and what to do with one of the virgins once they're virgins no more. From there, the movie gets kind of offensive.

Not wanting to be outdone by their film, Zack Ward and Uwe Boll made sure to keep parts of the Q&A offensive as well. We didn't get to see the two of them box, but it was pretty close for a while there...

We'll have some clips from that Q&A up later, but first, here's a bit of me talking to Uwe and Zack before the movie screening on Monday night. Zack seems to be attempting to offend people whenever he talks, doesn't he? In this clip I think he manages to be offensive to scientists and mentally disabled people in the same sentence. That's talent.

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