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Upright Citizens Brigade TourCo Tickets

Tickets are now on sale for the upcoming UPRIGHT CITIZENS BRIGADE TOURING COMPANY shows scheduled for November 7th at the Ritz. Tickets are $15 a pop and are expected to go quick as there are only two shows scheduled. And of course because this is improv, the two shows will be completely different from each other so you can check them both out if you like.

I'm excited for these shows for a few reasons, firstly because I've loved the UCB Theater in all their incarnations, from the old Comedy Central show to the live improv and specialty shows I catch every time I'm in New York City. Secondly because they've done a lot of college shows in the past but this is one of their first in a movie theater, so that's exciting to be part of. And thirdly because I've been checking out a lot of the building Austin improv scene and I'm curious to see how the best of the best from the other coasts do it.

You can grab your tickets now at this link, or you can wait and be sold by some of these words of glowing praise from people who've seen past shows:

“The Juggernaut of American Comedy… the new millennium’s comedy equivalent of Motown in the ‘60’s. You could see some big stars-in-the-making, and you’ll definitely see some cutting-edge work.”
Bill Davis – Charleston City Paper

"It was the funniest comedy show I’ve ever seen here on campus."
Natasha Pantelides – Syracuse University “

"It was inspiring... Just seeing how fast their minds worked blew my mind. "
Jon Van Luling – St. Michael’s College

"UCB TourCo is non-stop entertainment. On the surface, their sketches provide the audience with endless laughter, and their improv contains a sophisticated humor that tickles you pink in just the right places."
Sydney Chaffee – Programming Board Chair, Sarah Lawrence College

"The UCB TourCo is a semesterly favorite at the University of Delaware, packing our venue with students and overflowing with laughter. There is no reason to hesitate when you see the letters U-C-B."
Alex Keen – Program Coordinator, University of Delaware

“The UCB TourCo's sketch comedy portion of the show was downright hilarious, laced with both dark and slapstick humor.”
Eddie Beeby – the Daily Orange

“Leaving the building, I realized that the sides of my mouth ached from smiling throughout the whole show. There was never a dull moment.”
Marissa Petrarca – St. Michael’s College

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