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Ukulele - Novelty Toy or Sweet, Beautiful Soundbox?

MIGHTY UKE Roadshow Monday, September 27 at 7pm

At the Alamo Village this Monday comes a event of fantastic importance to all ukulele enthusiasts in this town: the MIGHTY UKE Roadshow is soon upon us in all of its 4-stringed glory.  The show is built around the entertaining documentary MIGHTY UKE, a treatment of the often-misunderstood instrument through it's troubled history up to its current vogue in popular music.

It's a great movie for uke fans who want to learn more about their instruments. More importantly, though, it's a fabulous introduction to the instrument that will turn even the most cynical viewer into a ukulele devotee. If you don't already have one, you are going to go out and buy a uke after you watch this show - I guarantee it.

And the movie isn't the only thing that's happening on Monday night. Tony Coleman, the film's director, will be with us for a post-film q&a. One of the many performers in the movie, the lovely Uni and her Ukulele, will be live as well to do a performance and to show the kind of wonderful things musicians do with those strange instruments. Check out her music video:

You'll get a lot more of that on Monday night at the MIGHTY UKE Roadshow. We'll also have a special Kala Brand Ukulele to give away. And at the end of the show, we'll do a giant strum-along, so be sure to bring your ukuleles if you got ‘em.

Monday, September 27 at 7pm @Alamo Village.


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