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Anyone that's been to the Alamo S. Lamar knows plenty about Mondo Tees. Hell, anyone who's stuck with us from the beginning know plenty about Mondo. From long ago, in the days of Colorado Street (sweet, simple Colorado Street... RIP), Mondo was a little store that you had to shimmy to the left of the stairs to find yourself a sweet new t-shirt. As Mondo expanded, creative director Justin Ishmael was brought in. While you can still find awesome t-shirts lining the walls of the crazy awesome Mondo store at Lamar, you'll notice something else that really stands out. Really. Badass. Posters.

The rate at which Mondo produces posters is ridiculous! Turns out, when you ask a bunch of extremely talented artists and screen printers to make their own interpretations of various nerdy films, they do an amazing job of it! Through the past couple of years, these posters have been so artistically solid, they've sold out in minutes. In fact, once the poster sale is announced via email or Twitter, the poster is gone in about 15 minutes. ran an awesome article the other day recapping some of Justin's favorite posters that have come through (and immediately gone out of) the store. Check out their post HERE and see the artwork for films like BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, ZOMBIE, EVIL DEAD and more! The poster to the left was released yesterday (as part of the Star Wars series) and (sorry, folks) was gone in less than 20 minutes. Also just released? A sweet TRICK 'R' TREAT poster. Gone in about 10 minutes.

Want to try your luck at getting your grubby hands on some of these hot ticket items? Sign up for the Mondo mailing list or Follow @MondoNews on Twitter!

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