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Two New Filmmaking Frenzies Announced!

Check out details at the Filmmaking Frenzy official website or visit us on Facebook.

Filmmakers will complete a 30 second promo spot to be played before all features during Fantastic Fest 2008. Instead of only playing the winning spot and repeating it over and over and over again until the audience can quote the entire film, however, we’ll be screening all of the top 60 films in front of completely unsuspecting Fantastic Fest audiences. Each of those audiences will include visiting filmmakers from around the world, press from the likes of IFC TV, Fangoria, Ain’t It Cool News, and USA Today, plus a legion of the most devoted and intelligent genre film fans on the planet.

Filmmakers will have 48 hours to make a horror film based on the horrific subgenre assigned to their particular team. We’ll assign each team a subgenre along the lines of Torture Porn, Ghost Story, Backwoods, Revenge Fantasy, or something like that. Then we’ll assign a weapon along the lines of a Chainsaw, a Vehicle, a Piano Wire, or a Bolt of Lightning, and a line of dialog that will have to be in everyone’s film. Using those prompts for inspiration, filmmakers will have EXACTLY 48 hours to make the most kick ass film you can.

Additional info on rules and prizes plus registration for filmmaking teams is now open at the Filmmaking Frenzy website for both of these competitions, and it’s completely free to sign up.

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