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Two documentaries you’ll want to see this week

[caption align="alignleft" width="240" caption="Scott Walker"]Scott Walker[/caption]

This week at the Ritz we'll have two really strong docs. Don't miss either one.

First SCOTT WALKER 30 CENTURY MAN is here starting tonight, thanks to Adam Yauch's Oscilloscope Films. It's not only an excellent portrait of a mysterious cult music superstar, it's also a really good film, thanks to director Stephen Kijak (CINEMANIA). It's pretty incredible seeing the likes of David Bowie (who executive produced) and Brian Eno talk about Walker and his profound talent and influence, but the kicker is the footage of Scott Walker in the studio. It's like watching an Animal Planet documentary about an eccentric genius in his habitat. Fascinating.

Then we have AUDIENCE OF ONE, starting on Monday. It's the doc you may have heard of about the Pentecostal preacher - who never saw a movie until he was 30 - who decides to make a huge biblical epic movie - on the scale of THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. He and his flock believe the movie is divinely inspired but it turns out to be really hard and really expensive to make a movie so a lot of entertaining stuff happens. AUDIENCE OF ONE doesn't make these folks out to be idiots (though a case might be made), and the evenhanded approach to the shitstorm of turmoil that engulfs the set makes it even more fascinating.

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