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TROPIC THUNDER starts tonight! Check this video.

So TROPIC THUNDER is taking a lot of fire for being politically incorrect. And it is. But not too many people can say it isn't funny. And after all, haven't the last couple of summers been the summers of the politically incorrect yet funny comedies? KNOCKED UP, SUPERBAD and, before that, BORAT? Remember how much fun you had laughing at all that inappropriateness with big beered-up crowds at the Alamo? Well the thrill is back.

Speaking of a thrill, here's some video of the adrenaline junkies from Ain't It Cool News, The Alamo Drafthouse and Fantastic Fest, running through the tunnel of hate we call THE SHIT to get free seats at the August 1st advance screening of TROPIC THUNDER at the Alamo South Lamar. That's live ammo they're dodging. Well, live paintball ammo. But it still hurts. And today we honor their legacy.

Get your tickets for TT at the Ritz and Village.

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